“If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done…”

As technology and science have merged in the realms of performance science over the past few year’s new opportunities now exist for athletes wanting to take that next step.

What does the science tell us?

  • There have been 29 studies published between 2009 and April 2018 focusing on the impact of mental fatigue on sport-related performance.
  • Taken all studies together, it appears that mental fatigue impairs endurance performance, motor skills performance and decision-making performance.
  • These observations suggest that mental fatigue impairs sport-related performance during exercise.
  • This is mediated by an increase in perception of effort.

Brain Endurance Training — A new world of performance…

The Solution…

Synapse Neuro Performance Solutions harnesses the latest BET & SVT technology.




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Synapse Neuro Performance Solutions

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