Synapse’s Mainnet Launch — The Hadean Phase

Swap and bridge assets to any chain

Synapse Protocol
Synapse Protocol
3 min readAug 29, 2021


Today, we’re excited to unveil the first phase of the mainnet launch of Synapse, a cross-chain layer ♾️ protocol.

Try it out now:

By powering decentralized & permissionless transactions between L1s, L2s, and sidechains, Synapse enables full cross-chain swaps to & from any chain, in less than 3 minutes.

We’re launching Synapse with support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Every chain will be interconnected by Synapse

How it works

Pick your origin and destination chain, and which assets you'd like to swap. It's that simple.

Within a few minutes, the user will receive the destination asset on the desired chain.

Behind the scenes, the Synapse validators all track each blockchain that the Network supports. These validators are leaderless, and upon receiving on-chain events, each validator runs the same process to validate and finalize the event. Once two-thirds of all validators have collectively signed the same transaction using their own individual key, the network achieves consensus and issues the requested transaction on the destination chain.

Providing Liquidity on Synapse AMMs

We’re starting out with stablecoins as our first bridge asset. As such, we’re launching a cross-chain stablecoin called nUSD — which is fully backed 1:1 by an native ERC20 DAI/USDC/USDT LP token

On each of the chains supported, a stableswap pool is paired between nUSD and the chain’s native stablecoins. This is used to price and incentivize asset rebalance across chains.

Each nUSD pool will be incentivized with $SYN.

Learn more about providing liquidity

NRV to SYN migration & liquidity

Alongside the Synapse mainnet launch, the NRV to SYN token migration will begin.

NRV can be migrated to SYN here: Choose between migrating to SYN on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche.

The central source of SYN liquidity will be a SYN/ETH liquidity pool on Sushiswap:

Over time, we’ll support SYN liquidity pools on DEXes on other chains as well.

The Synapse token contract addresses can be found here:

Be extremely careful when interacting with contracts, and double check addresses. Ask our community on Discord or Telegram if you need help.

Migrating Nerve Liquidity Pools

Over the next 24 hours, NRV rewards for the BSC Nerve liquidity pools will begin to be discontinued. We recommend that you unstake LP tokens from Nerve here, remove liquidity, and migrate to new pools.

  • Stablecoin 3pool: Consider LPing the new Synapse pools here.
  • BTCB/anyBTC Pool: anyBTC can be redeemed for native BTC through the current Nerve bridge. BTCB can be swapped to renBTC to redeem for native BTC.
  • ETH/anyETH Pool: anyETH can be redeemed for native ETH through the current Nerve bridge.
  • fUSDT Metapool: fUSDT can be redeemed for ETH USDT through the current Nerve bridge. Consider LPing the new Synapse pools here.
  • UST Metapool: UST can be transferred to other chains through the Terra bridge. Consider LPing the new Synapse pools here.

When removing liquidity, please be mindful of the current pool balances. We recommend that you remove liquidity in a balanced way, or in the overweight asset to avoid penalties. Join our Discord or Telegram for help.

xNRV holders — unstake, redeem for NRV, and then migrate to SYN

NRV/BUSD & NRV/BNB LPs — unstake, remove liquidity, and then migrate to SYN. You can continue to LP on SYN/ETH, and liquidity pools on more chains will come.


  • Synapse Mainnet is now live on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche. Instantly bridge and swap stablecoins to any chain.
  • Provide liquidity for stablecoins and earn SYN on BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche here
  • Provide liquidity for the SYN/ETH pair on Sushiswap here
  • Unstake, remove liquidity from former Nerve liquidity pools, xNRV, and NRV token LP.

More Info

Synapse App | Former Nerve Site | Docs

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