10 Things You are Unlikely To Hear a Teacher Say on a Wednesday Evening

  1. “Hey, wanna go out tonight? I had a real easy day at work today.”
  2. “Hey, wanna go out tonight? I’m going to have a real easy day at work tomorrow.”
  3. “Hey, wanna go out tonight? My lesson plans are done, my prep work is done, and all my papers are graded.”
  4. “Hey, wanna go out tonight? I have extra money to burn this month.”
  5. “Hey, wanna go out tonight? We can all fit into my Mercedes.”
  6. “Don’t you just hate Velcro?”
  7. “My students were so quiet all day long I could hardly hear myself think.”
  8. “My designer heels are ironically more comfortable to wear out on recess than my sensible shoes with the orthopedic inserts.”
  9. “The electric pencil sharpeners each classroom was given this year have the same decibel levels as jet engines, but I don’t mind.”
  10. “We are going to the Great Serpent Mound tomorrow in rural, southwestern, Ohio. Every single student’s permission slip has already been properly filled out and handed in.” (Thank you Brett Richardson). (Never been to Ohio? Here’s a link to read about one of the coolest field trips ever:) www.greatserpentmound.com

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