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A Letter From a Concerned Grandparent to San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone

A Mom from Serra High School in San Mateo, CA, posted this letter from her Mother on Facebook. It is in response to the Archbishop’s proposals to add a morality clause to the faculty and staff high school handbooks and reclassify all teachers as ministers, which excludes them from legal workplace rights.

Your Eminence,

With all respect and honor of your position in the Church, I am compelled to address the current issues at hand.

I believe we are all God’s children, all colors, all races, all genders.

I believe that God gave us a brain to use, i.e. the current technology, medical advancements, transportation, I could go on and on. None of these advances are addressed in the Bible, however we are free to use this knowledge to the betterment of our lives.

My husband and I have been married over 52 years, we are blessed to have two children, our daughter is a lesbian and our son is developmentally handicapped. We love our children.

We are blessed to have my mother, who will be 103, God willing, this May. We also have a grandson who came to be through in vitro fertilization, truly a miracle child who daily delights us.

My grandmother was a Third Order Franciscan.

My family has lived and continues to live the Christian life.
We believe in a fair God who sometimes tests our faith.

Our children who are born lesbian or gay had no choice, that is how God dictated they live their lives. There are gay priests who are wonderful teachers of the faith. You would not deprive them of their calling to be priests would you? We also have lay teachers who have dedicated their lives to educating our young. I hope you will not deprive them of their dedication of teaching, or their means to support themselves.

In closing I hope and pray that the wisdom of the Lord will enable you to bring the Church to the 21st century.

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Schuette

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