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Letter sent on Feb 24, 2016

Call for Submissions: Criminal Justice and Education

Subscribers, Contributors, Medium:

Next week, beginning on Monday February 29th, Medium is hosting a two week community-wide discussion on the Criminal Justice System, as the United States Senate will be voting on the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, a key piece of legislation that has the potential to change the way a myriad of cases are handled in our society.

The Synapse is one of the most powerful voices on Medium, and the home of some of the most authentic voices on education reform in the nation. That said, the interaction between he educational systems in which we find ourselves embedded, and the criminal justice systems that can sometimes directly influence our students, classrooms, schools, and communities can be difficult to discuss. There is hardly an educator in this country that has not, in some way, found themselves painfully dragged into situations involving government forces and organizations beyond their scope of control, and emotions naturally run high around such subjects — especially in the hearts and minds of concerned, involved, passionate educators.

For the two weeks that Medium hosts this discussion, The Synapse will publish daily articles on that very interaction, in the hopes that these difficult conversations can find their place among the larger discussion on criminal justice in the United States.

Contributors, consider this a formal call for your stories, your research, and your thoughts on the intersection between criminal justice and education in the weeks ahead. As editor, I will do what I can to facilitate the conversation, and to maximize the voice of our contributors. This promises to be an interesting couple of weeks, and I know we can come together to provide a valuable, unique set of perspectives on the subject.

Thank you all for your continued support of The Synapse, either through your readership, engagement with our stories, or your contribution thereof. The Synapse grows daily in reach, prestige, and collaborative opportunity — and that is all due to your involvement.

Yours in Learning,

Brad Decker
Owner and Editor-in-Chief, The Synapse