Growing up with my name

Rusul Alrubail
Jul 20, 2015 · 1 min read

I tweeted something out today when I saw the #GrowingUpWithMyName hashtag trending. (I usually like to play along with those twitter games when they trend, because why not?).

This hashtag though resonates with me, because growing up with my name was not the easiest thing to go through. It still isn’t, believe it or not.

My name has been the gateway to talk about where I come from.

My name has been mispronounced countless times.

My name has been misspelled even when it’s in my email/twitter handle.

My name has often hindered me (and still does) from personal & professional opportunities.

But it is my name. It is part of my identity. And it’ll never change.

This tweet resonated with a lot of students with “different” names.

So I am writing this as a reminder that it’s so important to know how to pronounce the names of your students correctly, because it will probably mean a great deal to them, and will be the start of a great connection between you & them.

Interestingly enough, the tweet also generated a great long discussion from teachers on different strategies they use to know how to pronounce their students’ names correctly. Definitely worth a look.

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