Pepón Osorio, reForm (detail), 2015, mixed media and video installation. Image by Constance Mensh (for Temple Contemporary). See more here.

Just Because I Teach

Doesn’t mean that I’m always right
or truthful
or in control
or wanting to be / anything more than
a listening ear
a watchful eye
an open heart
Doesn’t mean I want to be
in the front of the room
in the back of your mind
or have
I’s affixed on me.
Doesn’t mean I know
or anything
simply (
somethings) for you to consider

I wrote a poem this week for the opening of our middle school creative writing club. Particularly timely as I struggle with the imposed responsibility of “ordering”, managing classrooms due to my choice to work within them. I’d rather the relationship between be more relatable. Do us both the favor.

The prompt is borrowed from a teacher friend’s template and could make for an interesting journal entry/text response in class:

Just because _______
Doesn’t mean _______
Doesn’t mean _______
Doesn’t mean _______