Love Learning

School is just a building
School is just a place
School is just somewhere
That you have to show your face
You might not really like school
You might not be a fan
Everyday, get in get out
That might be your plan
But learning, learning’s different
Learning sets you free
Learning can take you any place
That you want to be
Learning is a precious gift
That determines who you are
Learning, it can lift you up
So you become a star
There may be teachers that you love
And teachers that you hate
But it is not teachers and schools alone
That decide your fate
There may be things in your school
Things that make you sad
You may encounter bullies
That seek to drive you mad
But one day, you’ll leave that all behind
Yet what you've learnt stays with you
It will last long after
Your school days are through
Yes learning lays the foundation
For the life you want to live
Learning is the giver
That always has more to give
Learning is the thing that shows
How large and grand the world can be
Because learning, learning’s special
Learning sets you free