The Exam Factory

conveying inevitability
“Welcome unique human being so full of life potential
Your super hero powers are now growing exponential
We’ll get back to that in 20 years but for now please take a seat
We need to separate the useless chaff from all that wheat
The A’s and B’s well done, bravo, the C’s and D’s try harder
The E’s and F’s you’re stupid and we’re going to tell your father
You are a waste of oxygen, you have no actual point
You’ll just fuck up our stats again, give up and smoke a joint
The dyslexic dancing divas, the comedian rule breakers
The sweet artistic dreamers, the movers and the shakers
Our system will not tolerate your passion and ideas
So we’ll beat them all right out of you and replace them with our fears”

Inspired by Dawn Banks and her Dream Explorers project. If you like what you’ve read, be sure to hit recommend below, to pass it on to your followers. As always, consider following The Synapse for more authentic voices in Education!