What I wish I could learn… That’s more than just the Pythagorean Theorem…

The other day in English class, half of the students were away. In result to this situation, our teacher decided to take it easy on us and teach us a little bit of what we've never even laid eyes upon. She decided to teach us about something called compound interest. I remember thinking: “How can an English teacher know how to explain what “compound interest” even is?” I was so surprised by how much she knew. I couldn't follow quite completely but I got the jist of things. This got me thinking: What do I wish to learn in high school that’s going to be more useful than the Pythagorean Theorem?

I wish that school could teach me how to take care of finances. Mathematics can be great but they’re pretty much irrelevant to my immediate life: I don’t care to be an engineer or a scientist. On the other hand, finances are relevant to anyone and everyone no matter what’s going on in life. I know I’m still young but I feel like I’ll lack financial literacy and that can be worrying at times. Mathematics teachers often say that we “need to know this” and we “need to know that”, and yes, maybe some careers call for whatever “this” and “that” is but what about the rest of us? We don’t need to know how to “find x”… But everyone needs to learn about finances and the tremendous importance of money. It’s never taught but it’s solely needed.

I wish that school could teach me it was O.K. to fail at things. It’s in failure that we do our greatest learning and I wish my teachers didn’t stress me to have better marks during my parent-teacher-student conferences. School never taught me that by failing or not doing as well as the smartest kids in class I had other gifts which they don’t have. School can often seem to be a competition of who has the highest marks on the last test, and that’s not fair. I know I don’t cope well under pressure so, obviously and unfortunately, I won’t do as well on tests and exams than the other kids in class. Am I alright with that? I’ve learned to live with it. Are my teachers O.K. with that? Apparently not since they stress me about “reaching for higher grades” and “studying more”. No matter how hard I study, I’ll always get lower marks.

I wish that school could teach me how to take care of a family. My school doesn’t have a Home Ec. program but I believe it should. How am I supposed to take care of myself and start building a family if I don’t know the very first thing there is to know? I don’t know the first thing there is to marriage and how to live with a significant other. I don’t know how to raise a kid, and of course I’m still young but I sure do wish I knew how. Time flies and soon enough, I’ll be trying to figure this entire thing out on my own.