What Teachers Need to Know about Fan Fiction

My 10 minute interview with Nerd Nest’s Raine Giorgio

Raine Giorgio is the founder of a fan fiction community for girls called Nerd Nest. She was kind enough of spend 10 minutes with me and share a lot of great nuggets for educators. In our interview, Raine explains what fan fiction is, breaks down the difference between Nerdy Fan Girls and traditional Geek Boys, shared the top places to find and participate in fan fiction and addresses our concerns about age-appropriate content.

Her message is profound, especially when it comes to serving some our most disenfranchised students, many of whom are (unbeknownst to us) not only escaping to fan fiction communities but finding their place there and thriving. “For that weird kid who you can’t get to write a five paragraph essay,” she told me right after we stopped broadcasting, “teachers need to know that she might have written hundreds of passionate pages when on her own terms in the fan fiction world.”

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