Dashboard features & more

Today we are announcing batching on dashboard, gateway payments view & new oauth tokens.

We are adding some cool features for you on the dashboard along with introducing our new oauth and refresh tokens.

Batching on dashboard

Batch mode is now available for dashboard transactions. Simply submit a CSV with payment instructions, review transactions and hit ‘Submit Batch’ to create all transactions. Here is a sample CSV file.

Batching is located under the ‘Options’ dropdown on the dashboard.

Gateway transactions

We have also added a gateway transactions tab for developers. This tab will let you view all of the payments made via your client environment; giving you a bird’s-eye view of all payment activity within your gateway.

New oauth & refresh tokens

We have updated the expiration times of our oauth and refresh tokens.

Now oauth keys are valid for 2 hours, and refresh tokens change after they have generated 20 oauth keys.

Currently this is only on sandbox, but starting November 2nd these tokens will be on production as well. This should not break your integration, but if you have questions, let us know.

Why is this important?

Remember, oauth key is something you use to make payments, so think of it as a tokenized credit card number.

Refresh token, on the other hand, represents your access to a user’s account, which means your application is authorized to act on behalf of the user.

We have also created faster expiration times for oauth keys because they are actually meant for very short term; one time use. Refresh tokens do not expire, but we change them after generating 20 oauth keys to manage risk associated with static tokens.

This is how the new oauth & refresh tokens look like

As always, we are constantly working hard to make SynapsePay the best payments network for you. In the coming weeks we will announce more exciting updates, so stay tuned!