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September, October, and November Release Notes

We added several significant features in recent months. Below is the full list.

New Features

🚢 Self-lender loans are now available

  • Now our customers can issue credit building installment loans (ONE-TIME loan type) for end-users without needing collateral as a deposit. This can be accomplished by adding the end-user’s loan reserve account as the disbursement_node_id for the loan. To learn more, go to Create One-Time Credit Account.

🚢 Crypto Trading now available for Savings Accounts


🏗️ Core Banking Updates

  • VIDEO_AUTH document now also supports avi, flv, mkv, and ogg file types. To learn more, go to Allowed Document Types.
  • Now PAYMENT_TO_THIRD_PARTY transactions can be disputed as well. To learn more, go to Dispute Card Transactions.
  • Subnet supp_id can now be updated with PATCH Subnet calls. To learn more, go to Update Subnet.
  • Statements are now available for CRYPTO-US nodes. To learn more, go to Statements API Docs.

🏗️ Infrastructure Updates

  • The new EKS infrastructure is now serving all UAT traffic. We are now making preparations for Production roll-out.

🏗️ Dashboard Updates

  • Our new Dashboard now also supports Webhooks and Subscriptions as well.
  • Our new Dashboard now also supports a transaction details page with the following features: Sign-in as user; comment status; dispute transaction; create transaction; cancel transaction.
  • Onboarding app redirects to client dashboard without needing to re-authenticate
  • Onboarding app only requires MTL documents only if the MTL checkbox is checked.
  • Onboarding app added context and progress bar for Skip button for UAT.



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