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Synapse Won the Top 10 Banking Tech Solution Providers Award

We are honored to be recognized by MyTech Mag, which awarded Synapse the Top 10 Banking Tech Solution Providers Award, and they wrote an article that detailed the features and benefits of the Synapse platform and in particular, Global Cash and highlighted our customer, Nomad.

The article begins by explaining the difficulty of international travel before Global Cash using Brazil as an example. Travelers had to travel with cash, pay high foreign exchange fees, or use expensive credit cards. Nomad addressed cross-border transactions by providing payment, deposit, lending, and investment products on Synapse’s banking infrastructure. Nomad now empowers customers to send currency to a U.S. deposit account from their home bank and access those funds in as little as two business days, along with issuing customers physical and virtual cards to simplify cost-effective transactions.

The article goes on to interview Sankaet Pathak, CEO at Synapse, on Global Cash, detailing how it brings value to both U.S.-based fintechs and fintechs abroad. “Before Global Cash, there was no easy way to deploy global financial products; a company’s options were to build from scratch or integrate with subpar Banking-as-a-Service providers in each country,” said Sankaet Pathak.

Global Cash can insulate global citizens from monetary concerns in regions experiencing hyperinflation, instability, or negative interest rates, as well as opening the door to a wealth of financial services, including receiving payments in USD and participating in foreign exchange and transfers.

To read the full article follow this link.



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