What can a quarter buy?

Well.. not much, but it is a foundation for something amazing.

We are excited to announce that, as of now, it is completely free to send and receive funds via SynapsePay branded services. To top that, there will be a 5¢ reduction in fees for all white-labeled services. This means that clients on a Basic plan will now pay 20¢ a transaction instead of 25¢, those on Advanced will pay 10¢, and Premium customers will pay only 5¢ per transaction.

To know the features of different pricing plans, please click here

Our mission at SynapsePay is to create a safe & easy environment to store/move value without the burden of inflated fees for our customers.

Your activity is vital to the ecosystem we are building and it is the foundation to something we think is important: a better banking operating system.

It is also one of the reasons why we are announcing some refreshing pricing updates: to give you back your quarter and hopefully empower you to reimagine the services you build on top of Synapse.

Presently, Synapse can be used for instantaneous fund settlements, creating better banking experiences for your customers, better escrow services, and even more compliant remittances. The applications are virtually limitless!

As we make updates to the system, we want to get closer to a pricing model where users only have to pay for the features they really need, and can store or move as much liquidity as necessary.

We are in no way perfect, but we strive to build the best system possible.

In the next coming weeks we have some really cool updates and features to share with you. Stay tuned!