Login logjam: How to Easily Overcome the TV Everywhere Login Problem

Let Them Watch More TV

Imagine that each time you changed TV channels, you had to enter two passwords.

Watching TV shouldn’t be a struggle. No TV provider wants to turn audiences away. But all too often, pay TV subscribers sit down, turn on their chosen device, and frustratingly fail to access their TV Everywhere (TVE) experience because the login experience is too hard. This annoying scenario is happening on couches, in beds, and out of the house, wherever audiences have an internet connection and a screen.

Consumers demanding TV/Video programming on multiple devices from multiple locations are stymied by tedious logins — once with their ISP password, another linking the device to their Pay TV account, often without a traditional keyboard and auto-fill. Case in point: “DirecTV Now’s Twitter account and support forums have been absolutely buried with user complaints ranging from channels not working to customers not being able to even sign in to the service,” according to BGR.

Consumers demanding TV/Video programming on multiple devices from multiple locations

In fact, Synacor has seen 50% of potential TV Everywhere viewers, with a given TV provider, abandon TV Everywhere at the login screen. Meanwhile, with a simplified login experience, we’ve seen more than an 80% reduction in abandonment rates.

Simplified sign-on solutions themselves are not new. Home-based authentication and single sign-on technologies, for example, have been on the market for years. But providers weren’t implementing them because of a range of technical and strategic obstacles.

Today, however, consumer demand has changed the marketplace in ways that minimizes many of the legacy strategic concerns, and the advancement in technologies offered by authentication providers has remedied many of the technical inhibitors. TV providers now have a competitive imperative to use these tools to increase engagement with their consumers. What’s even better, deploying these tools has become simpler than ever.

Mind-boggling TV/Video viewing options have consumers’ heads spinning, as they struggle to find the best, cost-effective solutions. And while operators and content providers offer an unprecedented menu of programming, ease of access hasn’t always been prioritized. The frustration will reach a crescendo when mesmerized consumers, in a holiday crush, gobble up new devices and over-the-top viewing options, then realize that cross-device and cross operator/provider access is complicated and slowed by login logjam.

Industry stands to gain $4.2 Billion, if . . .

If 5% of all 24-year-olds are persuaded by TVE to not “cut the cord,” and sign up for cable service when they start their own households, this adds $4.2 billion in subscription revenue for every year these users do not defect, according to investment firm Needham & Company.

In the report “Let Them Watch More TV: How to Easily Overcome the Login Problem,” Synacor illustrates just how easy it can be, and how important it is, for TV and content providers to take advantages of these advancements and innovations. Because as more and more skinny bundles, apps, and other set-top box-free solutions hit the market, no provider will be able to afford a loss of 50% of its potential viewers — especially when preventing this kind of loss is so simple and accessible.

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