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NFTs are exploding, and the digital art scene is growing at breakneck speed. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement. With that said, two new artists are going to be making Limited Edition CryptoBond artwork. These works of art will only be available one time during our second ever Decentraland Games NFT Exposition being hosted in the Chateau Satoshi Casino.

Link to live event: Chateau Satoshi Casino

Firstly we introduce Alexandra Rubio Art. When you view her works, she will instantly transport you into another land. These interpretations of stunning landscapes leave nothing to be desired. Alexandra Rubio is a Californian artist and illustrator who paints the experiences she has had interacting with nature. Through bold colors and whimsical linework, she captures the chaotic energy associated with exploring the great outdoors. She uses the element of “time” with subtle animations to breathe life and emotion into her digital works.

NFTrippy / Alexandra Rubio

Next up, we have NFTrippy. NFTrippy is a digital artist exploring mind-blowing concepts through a visionary art & animation style. He can translate his visions from other realms into this world for all to experience. Check out the latest artwork currently available on

These will be their first works available in the CryptoBond NFT format. We look forward to minting more Limited Edition CryptoBonds with these and many other fabulous artists. Don’t miss our NFT exposition for your chance to own a piece of SYNC history.

What are Limited Edition CryptoBonds?

  • Ultra-Rare CryptoBonds
  • The first animated CryptoBonds
  • All original artwork
  • Increased non-fungibility
  • Artist inspired designs
  • The most desirable CryptoBond classification

Sync Network is a DeFi platform centered around the creation of collectible tradable financial NFTs called CryptoBonds. To augment our current CryptoBond rarity system, we have added Limited Edition CryptoBonds. These hand-selected artworks are carefully curated by their respective artists. We then take these masterpieces and put them on a CryptoBond. Don’t miss your chance at owning a piece of Crypto NFT history.

Join the Syncronauts, team SYNC, and founders. Never again will these Limited Edition CryptoBonds be sold. It’s going to be a blast! Bring your party favors, and don’t be afraid to stay all night!



Cryptogenik | SYNC Network
SYNC Network

CryptoBonds NFT will change the Defi Narrative away from yield farming.