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2 min readApr 12, 2021


Graffiti Kings NFT Artist Coming to SYNC Network

The SYNC team is requesting your presence! We will be hosting our first of MANY Decentraland events on Thursday, April 15th at 10PM UTC. The party is being hosted in the Tominoya Casino.

To celebrate this night, we will be gifting CryptoBond prizes throughout the event totaling $2500. The “main event” will be an auction featuring a Limited Edition CryptoBond with Artwork from the World-Famous Graffiti Kings ( ). To kick off the event, we’ll have five Darren Cullen Limited Edition CryptoBonds up for auction. The auction starts right at the onset of the event at 10PM UTC. Also, we will be offering another two Limited Edition Charlie Buster CryptoBonds in a “Buy-It-Now!” format.


The event will be hosted by Cryptogenik and the SYNC team with special guest star Darren from Graffiti Kings on twitch ( ). The artwork of 4 other incredible Graffiti Kings and Graffiti Queens will also debut their own limited edition CryptoBond NFT sets.

Sarah PU51FLY

Crypto Yuna

Charlie Buster

Lemak Art

(Limited Edition CryptoBond)

Graffiti Kings is a syndicate of graffiti artists, street artists, producers of any form of art. Regularly posting on their social networks with a combined reach topping 12 million followers monthly! Furthermore, their urban space displays acquire an average of 5 million-plus in traffic each month.

What are Limited Edition CryptoBonds?

  • Ultra-Rare CryptoBonds
  • The first animated CryptoBonds
  • All original artwork
  • Increased non-fungibility
  • Artist inspired designs
  • The most desirable CryptoBond classification

Sync Network is a DeFi platform centered around the creation of collectible tradable financial NFTs called CryptoBonds. To augment our current CryptoBond rarity system, we have added Limited Edition CryptoBonds. These hand-selected artworks are carefully curated by their respective artists. We then take these masterpieces and put them on a CryptoBond. Don’t miss your chance at owning a piece of Crypto NFT history.

Join the Syncronauts, team SYNC, and founders. Never again will these Limited Edition CryptoBonds be sold. It’s going to be a blast! Bring your party favors, and don’t be afraid to stay all night!

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Cryptogenik | SYNC Network
SYNC Network

CryptoBonds NFT will change the Defi Narrative away from yield farming.