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Through unwavering dedication, SYNC is rapidly developing its DeFi platform. Today, we are honored to announce our partnership with Graffiti Kings.

Graffiti Kings is a syndicate of graffiti artists, street artists, producers, makers of any form of art. Frequently posting on their social networks which reach over 12 million followers monthly. Furthermore, its urban space displays acquire an average of 5 million-plus each month.

We look forward to the network effect this partnership will forge. With plans to offer a series of Limited-Edition CryptoBonds, these auctions will be limited to sets of five for each piece. …

SYNC Network is pleased to announce the New Community Governance System. This is a huge leap for SYNC and the community. Through governance all SYNC token holders will be able to make proposals. CryptoBond holders are the voting class where they receive one vote per CryptoBond. In order for a community vote to pass, a minimum of 20% of total CryptoBond holders are needed by the time deadline to pass a proposal. From there the proposal gets vetted by the CORE team, and the proposal gets passed to a second voting round after being reviewed. If the proposal is…

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