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The SYNC team is coming in hot with another partnership announcement. As previously only mentioned in a recent AMA, SYNC is partnering up with AMPnet (AAPX). SYNC has just whitelisted the AAPX liquidity pair on Uniswap, and it’s featuring brand new artwork. The collaboration between these two projects presents an excellent opportunity for yield farming. AMPNet is amping😁 things up with an additional bonus token program for people who create AAPX CryptoBonds!

With the partnership comes a recently developed incentive to reward SYNC and AAPX users alike. CryptoBonds created for the AAPX-ETH Uniswap Liquidity Pool will get bonus AAPX tokens…

Through unwavering dedication, SYNC is rapidly developing its DeFi platform. Today, we are honored to announce our partnership with Graffiti Kings.

Graffiti Kings is a syndicate of graffiti artists, street artists, producers, makers of any form of art. Frequently posting on their social networks which reach over 12 million followers monthly. Furthermore, its urban space displays acquire an average of 5 million-plus each month.

We look forward to the network effect this partnership will forge. With plans to offer a series of Limited-Edition CryptoBonds, these auctions will be limited to sets of five for each piece. …

Locking Uniswap Liquidity Tokens in tradable NFT Tokens.

Projects in the decentralized finance space started utilizing stake and proof-of-liquidity mechanics to develop a trustless economy but fundamental flaws have held these projects behind. The SYNC Network addresses these problems and offers a workable solution through tradeable stakes bonding Uniswap liquidity pairs with a fully trustless ERC-20 token (SYNC).

SYNC enables users to earn interest by staking a cyptographic bond to Uniswap liquidity pair tokens (Cryptobonds).

Cryptobonds are an NFT (ERC-721) token with collectible attributes, accruing interest rates, and the ability to separately trade and speculate on them within a secondary…

SYNC Network is pleased to announce the New Community Governance System. This is a huge leap for SYNC and the community. Through governance all SYNC token holders will be able to make proposals. CryptoBond holders are the voting class where they receive one vote per CryptoBond. In order for a community vote to pass, a minimum of 20% of total CryptoBond holders are needed by the time deadline to pass a proposal. From there the proposal gets vetted by the CORE team, and the proposal gets passed to a second voting round after being reviewed. If the proposal is…

Dextools CryptoBond Rarity Guide
Dextools CryptoBond Rarity Guide

We’re often asked, “How do I value my CryptoBond?” While you can’t set an exact price for a CryptoBond— they are collectibles, after all — some things make one CryptoBond more sought-after than another.

So what do experienced Syncronauts look for?
There are three primary things to consider in a CryptoBond:

#1 Rarity
#2 Maturity
#3 Appearance.

#1 Rarity

Some CryptoBonds have set limits or caps that will preserve their scarcity over time; they were available only for short runs during a promotional period. Others are rare because they are difficult to create. …

SYNC Network

Get up to ~300% SYNC rewards on your Uniswap liquidity with the new tradable CryptoBond NFT

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