Get To Know Sync Music Bot for Slack

Jeff Miller
Nov 29, 2016 · 4 min read
Sync Music Bot. Now Available for Slack.

Sync Music Bot is the first and only music delivery bot to offer music that’s specially-tuned to help you work, relax, and exercise better. A quick introductory conversation with the bot will set you up with a daily playlist to prime you for concentrating on your work, and help keep you in the zone — whether you’re reading, writing, coding, or designing (don’t forget to click this link to install Sync Music Bot on your Slack team if you haven’t already)

Each day Sync Music Bot sends a fresh playlist based on recommended genres or custom artist combinations. You can work to smartly curated Ambient or Electronic sets, or you might tell the bot you want to code to Miles Davis (or combinations of any artists), and the bot will intelligently pull songs from Miles’s catalog that are most likely to be good for coding.

These playlists — Sync Music Bot calls them sets — can be rated, fine-tuned, shared, and scheduled to suit individual needs. You can manage several daily sets, or request songs and sets on-demand, at any time. Designed for teams, Sync Music Bot dials up the social features with in-line reactions and ratings, each new interaction helping the bot to learn more about what works at work.

As of Nov 2016, only Slack teams can install Sync Music Bot, and Spotify is required for music streaming. Sync Project expects to launch on platforms like Facebook Messenger in early 2017, with support for additional streaming services to follow.

We’ve highlighted a few of Sync Music Bot’s basic features below.


Installation begins at Simply click the Add to Slack button, then Slack will ask you to select a team. Once you’ve authorized your team, Sync Music Bot will send you a message to help get things rolling. You can install Sync Music Bot on as many Slack teams as you like. Once you’ve installed the bot on a team, every team member will have immediate access to the bot and it’s features. Anyone can start using the bot by sending a direct message (DM) to @syncmusicbot.

Getting Started

If you’re the installer or a new user, you’ll get a DM from Sync Music Bot with a quick introduction, followed by a Spotify confirmation to ensure you’ve got your desktop or mobile Spotify app up and running. Then Sync Music Bot will help you configure your first daily work set.

Getting Started With a Daily Work Set

Make Your Morning Mood

The right music can provide a clarifying boost to help launch you into the workday. That’s why the first music set you create with Sync Music Bot is a recurring daily message, each delivery bringing a fresh take on the music you select for work. Of course you can control the delivery time, or edit your genre and artist settings. After starting a few workdays with Sync Music, we think you’ll feel a welcome difference.

Music Delivery, Directly in Slack

Ratings and Reactions

Every set is accompanied by helpful buttons, providing shortcuts and tips for common actions. One of the most important features is ratings; with a couple of clicks, you can tell Sync Music Bot what works for you and what doesn’t. The bot will learn, improving its selections over time.

Ratings Improve Sync Music Bot’s Suggestions

Sharing music with team members and channels is part of the fun, and a great way to encourage your team to try the bot. Every share is accompanied by reaction buttons, so it’s easy for everyone to voice their opinions. Sync Music Bot learns from reactions, too!

Sync Music Bot Set Reactions Shown in a Slack Channel

Even a bot has to blow off some steam now and then. So Sync Music Bot offers music tuned for relaxing (say, chilling out with a few friends after work) and for exercise. Schedule a daily set for the commute home, or to boost motivation for the gym. The same musical intelligence that helps you concentrate at work can also fuel an energized workout. To explore all of these new musical possibilities on-demand, just say “hi.”

Say “Hi” to Sync Music Bot to Explore Features

For Slack installation and FAQs visit We hope you’ll add Sync Music Bot to your team, and share your musical experiences with us — we’re always listening!

Sync Project on Medιum

Developing music technology for health & wellness.

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