SyncDAO launch updates, branding and “Sync” our mascot is born.

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4 min readJun 17, 2021


We’ve been busily working away behind the scenes to secure the future of SyncDAO. We’re excited to share with you all of that progress plus how we are about to kick things into overdrive.

Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to:

  • Securing launchpads.
  • Upgrading our tokenomics.
  • Publishing our litepaper & new deck.
  • Rebranding + character creation.
  • Kicking off building our community (today)!

Securing launchpads & upgrading our tokenomics.

We have signed contracts with two exceptional launchpads! We can’t announce who until we hit certain community growth metrics though (terms of the contracts). This is great because it means if you are reading this, you can help speed up these announcements by joining our communities and sharing about SyncDAO with your networks.

To secure these deals we had to upgrade the tokenomics. The launchpads asked us to make upgrades to bring them in line with their fair launch desires. We have increased the total supply from 2 million to 2 billion, but all of our backers still get the same share of the pie. We have also updated the vesting terms to ensure a fair launch for all. We were happy to do this, not just to secure the launchpads but to give this launch all our might.

Rebranding + character creation.

We started with our new logo, to represent the slices of your portfolios, but also to be able to illustrate the perpetual nature of our vaults.

This gave us another idea, “how could we bring this more to life?”, and movement was one way we could do that…

Beyond that, we thought this still needed more life, and to make it even more relatable and identifiable.

What better way to do that than by creating our very only characterisations which we could use in stories to explain and simplify our products.

Our mascot, Sync, has other friends that we will bring to life to tell the story of our products and illustrate to everyday people how all of this DeFi stuff can power their perpetual vaults.

Here’s a look at how that comes together, with an overview of perpetual vaults taken from our new website. This shows the process and introduces the first cameo of our second character “Vaulty” too.

This all comes together on our new website which is looking slick! Check it out at

Publishing our litepaper & new deck.

Beyond making the brand shine, we dug into further details, roadmap items and more to bring to life the litepaper and new deck. We have an especially cool roadmap item added in, our own wallet, which will be a super onboarding tool for affiliates of the perpetual vaults. You can find them here and here,

Kicking off building our community (today)!

So with all that said, we need to get cracking on building our community now, jump into AMAs and pumping out loads of juicy content.

We’d love you to get involved and help us build our Discord, Telegram or Twitter. The faster we grow these channels, the more we can speed up our launchpad announcements and plans.

Let’s do this!!

Useful links for easy sharing:

IMPORTANT: SyncDAO Governance (SDG) token has not been released as yet. Do not engage with any imposter SDG. The Ethereum contract address will be displayed on closer to the launch. This token (SDG) doesn’t have any inherent value but gives you the utility to vote on proposals put forward.



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