MFG Token Burn Schedule Update #3

SyncFab Announcement

The SyncFab team is pleased to announce we’ve successfully completed our Phase 2 Token Burn. 50,000,000 MFG Tokens have been removed from the total supply as part of this burn. Of the 50 million burned, 49 million were comprised of unsold tokens and 1 million were burned from the team’s pool as previously detailed here.

The burn took place in two transactions, as seen here on Etherscan:

The new total supply stands at 900,000,000 MFG tokens.

Upcoming Token Burn Schedule:

Phase 3 Burn: Unsold/Unreturned MFGs — August 31, 2018
The remaining balances will be burned, with the exact number announced upon conclusion of the third and final burn.

What if I haven’t received my tokens?
Visit the SyncFab Token Tracker, which will allow you to track the distribution status of your tokens, and indicate steps to take if you have yet to receive your tokens. You can access the token tracker here.

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