SyncFab welcomes Khanh Tran to the Development Team

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Khanh Tran, Full Stack Engineer, SyncFab

Since the wrap of our token sale, SyncFab has been aggressively recruiting and expanding our team to support the growth of the business and our development roadmap. We are actively seeking a number of positions on the software side as well as business development. Learn more and apply here.

SyncFab is pleased to announce the hiring of Khanh Tran, a full stack engineer with over 11 years experience in full stack software development. Khanh is one of the first new hires of our development team. Khanh joined SyncFab as a Full Stack Engineer and is responsible for contributing to the MFG Token Integration project as well as improving our web 2.0 platform.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Khanh is a tech lover that is passionate about programming, spending all of his time researching and applying blockchain to web applications. Khanh sees blockchain as a revolution of not just technology but also web based applications through decentralized, transparent and public databases.

When asked about his priorities over the next 12 months, Khanh replied “Firstly, the most important task I’m working on is integrating the MFG Token into our existing platform to help increase the utility and unlock the additional benefits of the MFG Token for our client base. After that, I will be working hard to ‘blockchain-ize’ our platform, decentralize our database and auction systems.”