Soft Cap Reached & Dashboard Update

SyncFab Post Token Sale - Update 1

With great excitement, we would like to announce the achievement of the soft cap goal (15,000 ETH)!

We would not have done it without YOU!

Again, thank you for believing in SyncFab, the MFG token, the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain, and our team. We will continue to put all our effort and passion into making this a successful and monumental driver of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

So what next?

With two (2) weeks remaining in the public sale, we will continue to make every effort to market the MFG crowd sale event and spreading the words to promote the MFG tokens in these final two weeks and also post crowd sale event.

Dashboard Update:

The dashboard will be released within days. We apologize for the delay. Our team has completed the dashboard a couple of months back; however, to ensure the MFG community members are using the best and most secured, we have decided to partner with Ambisafe there-afterward. The Ambisafe team and SyncFab team have been working diligently to implement and release the dashboard.

By integrating with Ambisafe, we are proud to say that the MFG community members will be using the most secured system in the blockchain industry today. As shown by Ambisafe’s past success, we are confident that we are working with the best blockchain developers. The partnership with Ambisafe also provides flexibility to integrate into our platform.

To learn more about Ambisafe, please visit:

The Token sale ends 3/15/18. Participate before 3/11 for a 5% bonus.