SyncFab Attends Blockchain Law Summit

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Speakers: Bob Cornish, Josh Lawler, Stephen Rutenberg, Carol van Cleef and Moderator: Jor Law, Co-Founder of

May 24th 2018, Los Angeles California

Last week at the invitation of the organizers, and because we are very involved with helping to create a legal tokennomics framework in The U.S., we joined Blockchain Law Summit at the Los Angeles Convention Center for a day of heated panels that would surely make anyone’s head spin.

Nathan Makino on left and event speaker Attorney Robert Cornish on the right

SyncFab new hire, (more on that great news soon!) Nathan Makino summarized the day by saying, “Generally the law summit was informative with credible professionals presenting their views on the current blockchain landscape and discussing regulatory challenges. There is room for debate as to what the ethical ‘high road’ is and where to draw the line to enable progress without over-regulation and bureaucracy. The bottom line is that blockchain companies need legal professionals to ensure compliance and mitigate risk when incorporating the technology into both new and existing industries.”

Overall it seems there is a LOT of legal advice regarding what NOT to do, and less about what TO do, as much of the regulatory aspects are still to be determined. The good news is there is huge movement, especially in states like Wyoming and Delaware, that point to Blockchain being able to regulate in ways that don’t impede healthy business.

As blockchain is swiftly becoming increasingly legitimized and commonplace in The U.S., we will surely find solutions that work for our global network of participants. In the meantime we continue to participate in the debate and work to maintain our compliance with all regulatory efforts. We have some great news regarding our progress, on this front, in the latest AMA that’s just about to come out.

After the event we enjoyed a VIP reception at a nearby restaurant. The topics became more friendly and we were surprised to see some serious legal minds letting loose on the dance floor. Just kidding no lawyers were dancing… that kind of thing only happens on TV.

Please see more photos below and thanks for checking out this latest blog update. We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!

Check out video from the event on CryptoSummit’s Youtube channel.

SyncFab, VP of Community Engagement, Ram Maurer with event speaker Attorney Josh Lawler
Ram Maurer with event speaker Attorney A. Jason Velez, Founder
Ram Maurer with event producer Leo Kangin

Check out video from the event on CryptoSummit’s Youtube channel.