SyncFab Completes Successful Token Sale

SyncFab Company News

The SyncFab MFG Token Sale concluded last week following a very timely and successful campaign. We were positively amazed by the extraordinary results from our sale exceeding our soft cap. The SyncFab team is very appreciative of the support from our growing community and those who participated in helping revolutionize the hardware manufacturing industry through blockchain. Everything is progressing exceedingly well as we transition from the current campaign to continuing to spur the manufacturing revolution, and while it takes great effort to reconcile the particulars of everyone who participated, we are bolstered by your support and are on schedule to deliver MFGs as originally planned by April 15 or earlier.

We have had a lot of interest and questions from our community on what’s around the corner, so we’d like to take the opportunity to update you on some of your top concerns.

KYC/AML & Dashboard Integration

We’re actively performing reconciliation of KYC/AML data (Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering). Where there are gaps, we will be directing participants to a second round of KYC/AML. For those who provided complete KYC/AML data, we will be directing them to the dashboard to receive their tokens. This will be done in phases, with a chance for some to receive their tokens sooner than the planned Token Distribution Event on April 15, 2018. If this were to happen sooner, we will announce it on our blog, newsletter, social media and Telegram announcement channel consecutively. Please understand that doing our due diligence takes time and the result will be a better product.

We’ve received a lot of questions about the dashboard. Our Dashboard is ready, however we’re waiting on another critical update from our partner Ambisafe to be released later this week. Once that release is pushed live, we will update you with specific instructions on how to register and use the dashboard.

Preview of upcoming MFG Dashboard

For security reasons, a new ETH Wallet Address is given to you by our Dashboard partner Ambisafe upon registration. This is where your MFG Tokens will be received and you can then transfer them to you preferred ERC-20 wallet or use your new Ambisafe wallet to keep them secure.

Token Distribution Event

To reiterate, the token distribution event will take place on April 15, 2018 as planned, allowing you to receive your tokens on or slightly before this date.

Next Steps

Our development team is currently focused on our minimum goals of generating and distributing tokens including our Q2 2018 objective of integrating the MFG Token into our existing web 2.0 platform.

SyncFab Milestones

Once this milestone has been reached, our team will shift its focus to our longer term objectives tied to our roadmap. By reaching our soft cap goal, the SyncFab development team will perform the following tasks:

  • Format Buyer Smart Contracts
  • Format Supplier Smart Contracts
  • Integrate Smart Contracts into existing platform
  • MFG Token Industry Partnership Outreach

We appreciate your patience and support as we work diligently to launch our dashboard and reconcile KYC/AML data to distribute your tokens on April 15th. As more updates become available, we will be sharing them with you.

Thanks again to you all and wishing everyone the best future in manufacturing!

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