SyncFab Dashboard Launched

SyncFab Post Token Sale — Update 2

The SyncFab team is extremely happy to announce that our first wave of token reconciliation has concluded and the MFG dashboard is now live!

MFG Dashboard registration is required in order to receive your MFG. Those who register and passed the first round of KYC should see their MFG tokens in their account by April 15, 2018.

Dashboard Instructions:

  1. All MFG Token Sale participants must register for the MFG Dashboard.
  2. You must use same email address registered during token sale and KYC.
  3. Registering for the MFG dashboard completes your KYC unless otherwise notified by our team.
  4. After registration is submitted a email confirmation will be sent to you. A second verification will be sent to you by text message in order to complete your registration.
  5. Once registered, SyncFab recommends going to the “Security” tab of Settings and enabling “Advanced Security.”
  6. For security reasons, you will be given a secure new wallet address issued by our dashboard partner Ambisafe upon registration.
  7. This new wallet address is the location where your MFG tokens will be sent.
  8. You can store or transfer your MFG tokens from this new wallet address.
  9. MFG’s will be distributed into your dashboard wallet by April 15, 2018.
  10. If you do not receive your MFG tokens by then please contact us through the MFG dashboard.
Image of our MFG Dashboard Confirmation Email

IMPORTANT: Please remain vigilant and double check all URLs before submitting your information. SyncFab does not email users for private keys, nor do we directly contact users on Telegram or social media for special treatment or special offers of any kind.

We are working tirelessly to distribute your tokens to you as quickly as possible. We really appreciate all the support from the community! Join the conversation on our Telegram channel at We are in this together to help create a better future through manufacturing and truly appreciate all of your watchful eyes and brilliant minds. We look forward to your continued support and will keep you updated as developments progress.

If you do not receive your tokens into your dashboard wallet by April 15, 2018 you may have been flagged for incomplete data. We recommend you resubmit your KYC at

Complete your MFG Dashboard registration now through

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