SyncFab Moves to U.S. Blockchain Capital Wyoming and Announces MFG Token Burn

Token Sale Updates

Jun 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Due to feedback from our community, we are going to be doing less of an AMA format for this week and more of a weekly company status update with all the highlights of what’s going on at SyncFab.

Wyoming Utility Token Blockchain Compliant: Earlier this month, SyncFab filed our notice with the State of Wyoming under a new law that was passed supporting blockchain companies, specifically utility tokens like the MFG. This law goes into effect July 1. SyncFab has conformed with the new procedural filing requirement of open blockchain token notice of intent to be in compliance with the state of Wyoming’s new blockchain legislation. This is huge for the industry, and huge for utility tokens like us. Learn more about Wyoming’s legislature and how it’s aiming to be America’s cryptocurrency capital.

In the News: Jeremy meets with Ben Bartlett, Vice Mayor of the City of Berkley and CA Government Assembly Candidate who is organizer of the Berkley Blockchain Municipal Bond program to discuss advocating blockchain in government for micro bonds to support municipal works and $MFG tokenized incentives for a responsive local manufacturing supply chain.

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Jeremy meets with Ben Bartlett, Vice Mayor of the City of Berkley and organizer of Berkley’s Blockchain Municipal Bond Program

Improving Privacy Controls: As a SyncFab supporter, on May 25th you should have received an email regarding new updates to our Privacy Policy. This update was in regards to GDPR Compliance to improve privacy protection. Privacy and security are very important not just for our users, but this is something every legitimate company in the world is taking seriously. SyncFab addressed the key points internally, updated our policies and methods to improve the privacy of users on our website and in our platform.

Marketing Update: We have been ramping up marketing efforts with new rounds of content and campaigns in development to be promoted on a regular basis to the crypto community at large, in addition to focused content on the industrial manufacturing industry educating them on how blockchain can benefit their business. We appreciate your support in continuing to share and spread the word on our newly released content on Blockchain for Manufacturers, How Blockchain Can Bolster Auto Supply Chain Relations as well as an Infographic on How Blockchain Revolutionizes The Manufacturing Industry.

New Hire Update: SyncFab is pleased to announce the hiring of Khanh Tran, a full stack engineer with over 11 years experience in full stack software development. Khanh is one of the first new hires of our development team contributing to the MFG Token Integration project as well as improving our existing platform.

Token Burn Update:

June 30th is the official token sale claim cutoff date — After this date, please contact to redeem your tokens. Tokens will still available after this date for those who purchased, but our team will have shifted its focus to our upcoming development milestones.

Unsold Token Burn Schedule:

  • June 30 Phase 1 Burn
  • July 31 Phase 2 Burn
  • August 31 Phase 3 Final Burn

“Exchange Wallet Triggered Overdistribution Glitch: — We are happy to announce that over 50% have returned their overdistributed tokens, for which we’re very grateful on behalf of the entire community, and we will be following up with a special gesture of thanks. Any portion of unreturned tokens will be burned from the team pool on June 30th to cancel them out.

Development Update: The team has begun development of the MFG Token Integration into our existing platform and development is ahead of schedule.

Conference Update: The team recently attended the Blockchain Law Summit in Los Angeles. Learn more about their experience in this conference recap.

Upcoming Conferences SyncFab will be speaking at:

  • The Santa Clara Global Blockchain Conference — August 28, 2018
  • The Boston Global Blockchain Conference — September 25, 2018

Come out, and get a chance to support SyncFab and meet our CEO, Jeremy. We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming AMA & Interview with CryptoSally:

Next week, Jeremy will be interviewed by YouTuber and Blockchain Enthusiast CryptoSally on June 7th, at 1pm PST. We’re collecting questions for this interview and our next AMA. Please submit your questions before June 6th to our telegram below!

Stay tuned for what’s in store next week. Have questions or comments? Join our telegram community at Or for more focused information, be sure to join our Announcement Channel here:

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