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Behind the Scenes: The Meaning of “SynchroLife” and Our Seahorse Icon

The Original SynchroLife Logo and Mobile App Icon

Hello everyone, thanks for your continued interest and support of SynchroLife!

We’ve gotten some fun questions about our project name and seahorse logo… So today we want to take you “behind the scenes” of SynchroLife and talk about the meaning of our project name SynchroLife and the reason behind our the seahorse! 💡

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SynchroLife — Synching to your Life

SynchroLife’s Logo

The name SynchroLife comes from the fact that SynchroLife synchronizes to your preferences and tastes to find the best restaurants to you. It “synchs” to your “life”.

You might be wondering what we mean when we say SynchroLife synchronizes to you. This “synchronization” is done with algorithms and artificial intelligence in the service. SynchroLife analyzes the restaurant ratings, view history, “likes”, pins, search history, follows, followers and other actions of each user within the app to match and compare their restaurant and food preferences with other users to get an image of that person’s likes and dislikes.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. SynchroLife strives to get rid of blanket search results and information overload many previous restaurant discovery services have struggled with, and to utilize artificial intelligence help users find the best restaurants unique to their preferences as quickly as possible. By synchronizing to your individual tastes and giving you personalized search results and content, SynchroLife is making restaurant discovery easier than ever!

Seahorse — The Unlikely Mascot

Various drafts of the iOS App Icon

So now the name “SynchroLife” makes sense, but what about our seahorse logo?

When creating SynchroLife, our CEO Tomochika Kamiya wanted to avoid the cliches of food and restaurant discovery service logos. Fork, spoon, plate, and smilies licking their lips are extremely common in this market and although they immediately convey a food and restaurant image, they are often quite forgettable.

In order to break away from the standard, the team started thinking of icons or logos that would incorporate some sort of mascot, which lead to the idea of having an animal logo. However if we chose something like a pig, cow, or fish we were worried our mascot would look like food to most users!

After many brainstorming sessions and rejected animal mascots, the SynchroLife seahorse was born. There aren’t many other services using seahorses as a logo, but it’s a recognizable animal to people from all over the world. The cute and sometimes almost magical look of a seahorse is unique and memorable. It works as a mascot animal without being totally being reminiscence of food, and the shape of the seahorse is similar to an “S”. This also means there is alliteration with “SynchroLife” and “Seahorse”.

So that’s the story of how a little red and white seahorse came to be the mascot for SynchroLife 😊

We have seen users of the beta version in Japan become very attached to the seahorse, and as a result many users have sent us photos or posted photos of seahorse items they see in the real world commenting, “It’s SynchroLife!”. One user even came to an offline meet up wearing a t-shirt with a seahorse design which he bought just for the meet up!

SynchroLife Team members Tomochika and Laura with a user from the Japan beta wearing a seahorse T-shirt

We hope this blog post helped answer some of your questions about the meaning of “SynchroLife” and our logo! Thank you for reading this far and for your continued interest and support of SynchroLife!

Stay up to date with the latest SynchroLife news and chat with our team by joining our Telegram group! 💬



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