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Cointelegraph Japan: Tokyu Land Corporation and SynchroLife Team Up for Tokyu Plaza Ginza Token Cashback Reward POC Campaign

Here at SynchroLife we recently announced our first major proof-of-concept test: a one month campaign at Tokyu Plaza Ginza shopping center in Tokyo! During this campaign anyone who registers for a free account with the SynchroLife mobile app can earn 3% of their total bill cashback in SynchroCoin (cryptocurrency) by scanning a QR code when paying for their meal.

Cointelegraph Japan wrote a great piece covering this campaign news which we have translated into English to share with our global community.

Special thanks again to the Cointelegraph Japan team for this great article! You can read the original news in Japanese here:

Cointelegraph Japan — September 19, 2018

Tokyu Land Corporation and SynchroLife Team Up for Tokyu Plaza Ginza Token Cashback POC Campaign

Tokyu Land Corporation and the social restaurant review app SynchroLife have announced they will be holding a one month special campaign starting September 21, 2018. During this campaign, diners who eat out at Tokyu Plaza Ginza shopping center can earn a portion of their bill cashback in cyrptocurrency tokens. Their aim is to test this new method of restaurant marketing using cryptocurrency tokens. The campaign was announced by GINKAN, which runs SynchroLife, on September 19th.

21 restaurants within Tokyu Plaza Ginza will be participating in the campaign, and diners will get 3% of their total bill paid back in “SynchroCoin” tokens. The campaign runs from September 21st to October 20th.

To participate in the campaign you must download the free SynchroLife mobile app. At check out, diners can use a QR code reader inside the in-app wallet to scan a QR code that confirms their total bill. Users will then earn 3% of the approved total bill back in the form of SynchroCoin sent to their in-app wallet.

GINKAN has incorporated blockchain technology into SynchroLife by added a token reward system that gives users cryptocurrency in exchange for high quality reviews and content. There was an ICO held for SynchroCoin last September 2017. Coming up for SynchroCoin next is their first cryptocurrency exchange listing on LATOKEN starting September 25, 2018. The amount of SynchroCoin given out for the 3% cashback rewards will be determined based on the LATOKEN rate for SynchroCoin.

Thank you again Cointelegraph Japan for the article! For those interested the original Japanese article can be read here:

You can also learn more about the Tokyu Plaza Ginza x SynchroLife campaign in our latest press release here:

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