Eat and Earn Crypto! SynchroLife Partners with Cryptocurrency Exchange Company Mercury to Reward Diners with Cryptocurrency

Diners can earn crypto at over 1,700 restaurants across Japan



July 5, 2022 — PRESS RELEASE

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of the token economy based social restaurant review service SynchroLife, has announced a partnership with CoinTrade run by Mercury Inc., a child company of GINKAN’s business alliance partner Ceres Inc. With this partnership SynchroLife has added a feature to reward diners cashback (1% to 20%) in Bitcoin or Ethereum when they dine at any of SynchroLife’s over 1,700 partner restaurants.

Rewarding diners is easy for restaurants. Users set what cryptocurrency they want to earn inside the SynchroLife app and then automatically earn rewards in that cryptocurrency by scanning a QR code when paying at any partner restaurant.

Since 2019, SynchroLife has been rewarding users with SynchroPoints which can be used with over 27 brands at over 570,000 locations including major convenience stores and coffee shops in Japan.

With this new partnership users can now change their preferred reward in the SynchroLife app SynchroWallet. Users can now choose what crypto assets they want to receive.

How to Earn

CoinTrade is run by Mercury, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange company in Japan. SynchroLife users can connect their SynchroLife ID with their CoinTrade ID to automatically receive crypto asset rewards in their CoinTrade account and then sell them on CoinTrade.

With this partnership users who have never held cryptocurrency before can earn crypto assets from their daily dining and experience owning crypto assets risk free without the need to manage their private key.


SynchroLife also plans to link with MetaMask and other wallet services to allow users to receive cryptocurrency rewards directly in their wallet of choice.

In the future, SynchroLife will create new ways for consumers to use the crypto assets they earn when dining out to explore NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3 services. SynchroLife strives to be a wallet that can connect consumers, restaurants, and new technology.

The Marketing Problems of Small & Medium Sized Restaurants

The majority of SynchroLife’s partner restaurants are privately owned restaurants or small restaurant groups with under 20 locations. These restaurants have a close relationship with their neighborhoods but it is difficult for them to offer widely usable rewards and any rewards tied directly to their brand can be inconvenient for consumers. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is also difficult for these restaurants to offer as a reward due to the technological literacy needed as well as cost and custody issues.

SynchroLife solves the marketing problems of these small and medium sized restaurants with CRM tools to nurture loyal customers and SynchroPoint rewards usable nationwide. SynchroLife’s service is risk free for restaurants with no upfront investment or payment needed, and only results based commission on actual sales.

With cryptocurrency rewards added, users can now use their rewards worldwide and SynchroLife’s restaurant service can help international travelers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts enjoy dining out too.

SynchroLife’s partner restaurants can offer Bitcoin rewards with no additional contracts. Diners earning rewards with SynchroLife become part of a restaurant’s loyal customer database and restaurants can nurture these customers with CRM tools. By offering rewards that match the interests of their customers, restaurants can increase the effectiveness of their marketing through SynchroLife — all with no upfront payments.

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is a global restaurant discovery social media service (Web2) and the world’s first Eat to Earn (Web3) token economy based restaurant social review platform. Users earn score-based token rewards while dining out and posting restaurant reviews.

SynchroLife started in 2018 as the world’s first “Eat to Earn’’ service and currently has over 350,000 restaurant reviews. SynchroLife uses AI to analyze reviews to give personalized recommendations based on each user’s likes and dislikes and quickly guide users to great restaurants. Within the SynchroWallet users can manage the points they earn cashback from dining at partner restaurants, along with digital offers and membership cards. SynchroLife makes it fun to be a regular customer.

SynchroLife is currently available in over 155 countries and four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean). As SynchroLife grows it shares its value with users who have contributed through restaurant reviews and other actions, and it aims to be Asia’s top autonomous growing social restaurant review platform.

- Company Name: GINKAN, Inc.
- Address: Shin-Yurakucho Building 11F, 1–12–1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100–0006
- Representative: CEO Tomochika Kamiya
- Established: December 2015
- Website:

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