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Eat To Earn with SynchroLife! Basic Guide

SynchroLife is a token economy based global restaurant social review platform, a combination restaurant discovery service (Web2) and Eat to Earn platform (Web3).

SynchroLife users can earn SynchroPoints and cryptocurrency while using SynchroLife.

There are three ways to earn:
1. Posting Quality Reviews
2. Dining Out at Partner Restaurants
3. Participating in Contests

In this article we will introduce you to the details of each way to “Eat To Earn” with SynchroLife!

1. Posting Quality Reviews

After posting a restaurant review, posts are scored based on their contribution level for one week. Users receive SynchroPoint rewards based on their review’s score within two weeks of posting.

SynchroPoints earned for posting reviews can be used as points within the app or exchange for SYC (SynchroCoin) at a 1-to-1 value.

How to post reviews and earn with SynchroLife:

STEP 1. Visit a great restaurant

Review rewards can be earned for visiting not only SynchroLife partner restaurants but non-partner restaurants too! Visit any restaurant in Japan or in any of the 155 countries SynchroLife covers to start earning rewards.

STEP 2. Post a quality review

Post a thoughtful and helpful review with a good photo of what you ordered! Be sure to post a quality review that provides value for other users.

STEP 3. Review is scored based on other users

Quality reviews receive rewards based on their score. The amount of rewards each post earns varies both by the rank of your account and how the review was scored. Rewards are not guaranteed, reviews not considered quality may receive no reward.

STEP 4. Receive your rewards

Quality posts will receive SynchroPoint rewards. SynchroPoints can be used as is to purchase digital gifts for over 570,000 locations in Japan or to purchase special VIP offers at partner restaurants. These SynchroPoint rewards can also be exchanged for SynchroLife’s native token SYC (SynchroCoin). Users who want to exchange their points for SYC need to link their MetaMask account in the SynchroLife wallet.

2. Dining Out at Partner Restaurants

When dining out at SynchroLife partner restaurants, users can earn SynchroPoints or cryptocurrency cashback. The cashback varies from 1% to 20% depending on the restaurant.

How to earn when dining out at SynchroLife partner restaurants:

STEP 1. Select your preferred crypto asset in the app

When dining out at a partner restaurant, users receive cashback rewards in SynchroPoints. SynchroPoints can be used to buy VIP offers to partner restaurants and digital gift cards for convenience stores, cafes, delivery apps, and businesses with over 570,000 locations across Japan. However, users who would prefer to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets cashback instead of SynchroPoints can select their preferred reward in the in-app wallet. All rewards will be given in that crypto asset once you select it.

* Please note users must create and connect a Coin Trade (cryptocurrency exchange) account to receive crypto asset rewards.

STEP 2. Dine at a partner restaurant

Users can search for partner restaurants in the “Earn” tab on the “AI Picks” and “Timeline” sections of the SynchroLife user app. Users can view partner restaurants based on their current location or search in specific areas. The restaurant pages also display what percent cashback rewards the restaurant is currently offering.

* Please note that not all restaurants shown in SynchroLife are partner restaurants. Only restaurants displayed in the “Earn” tab of the AI Picks and Timeline are partner restaurants.

STEP 3. Scan the QR code provided by restaurant staff when paying

Users should tell the restaurant staff that they would like to use SynchroLife when it is time to pay, and the restaurant staff will show the user a special QR code to scan. Users scan that code with their SynchroLife app to earn rewards and can then pay for their meal in any way they prefer.

STEP 4. Earn 1% to 20% cashback in SynchroPoints or cryptocurrency!

After scanning the restaurant QR code, users will be shown how many points they will earn. Points are rewarded within 2 weeks, and will show as processing in the SynchroLife wallet before then.

3. Participating in Contests

SynchroLife regularly holds contests within the SynchroLife user app. Some campaigns are themed around certain foods or cuisines, while others are collaborations with specific restaurants or shopping centers.

Some contests offer boosted SynchroPoint and cryptocurrency rewards, while others offer SynchroPoints as prizes. Be sure to check out all the contests and campaigns you see in SynchroLife to see if you might be interested!

If you have any questions about SynchroLife rewards and partner restaurants, please contact the team through the SynchroLife user app via the “Settings” page. Your opinions and ideas help improve SynchroLife and we look forward to hearing from you.

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