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Points earned dining out with SynchroLife can now be used at over 570,000 locations! Doutor Coffee, Komeda Coffee, KFC and more famous brands join the e-gift lineup!

Points are now usable at over 570,000 locations nationwide in Japan and customer acquisition for partner restaurants continues to improve.

PRESS RELEASE — April 7, 2022

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of the token economy based social restaurant review service SynchroLife, has added 11 news brands to the SynchroPoint lineup. Diners can now use their SynchroPoints with 27 different brands including Doutor Coffee, Komeda Coffee, and KFC, at a total of over 570,000 locations throughout Japan.

Enjoy Delicious Meals and Earn SynchroPoints!

SynchroLife users earn SynchroPoints for posting restaurant reviews and dining at SynchroLife partner restaurants. Users earn 1–5% cashback from normal restaurant purchases, with the cashback rate set by each individual restaurant. During campaigns users can even enjoy up to 20% cashback. Users earn points at partner restaurants by scanning an exclusive QR code during payment at the restaurant, and the points are later delivered directly to the user’s in-app wallet. There are currently over 1,600 partner restaurants across Japan. By using SynchroLife, diners can earn points just by dining out.

SynchroLife has partnered with giftee Inc.’s service “giftee for Business” to allow users to purchase digital e-gifts with their points in SynchroLife. Users can earn points, buy the e-gift, and use the e-gift all from within the SynchroLife app.

Rewards for Dining Out Leads to Growth in Loyal Customers (CRM)

Users can enjoy a wide range of shopping experiences with SynchroLife. SynchroPoints can be exchanged for 27 different brands with over 570,000 locations across Japan including food delivery services, cafe chains, convenience stores, salon massages, travel services and more.

Earning SynchroPoints works as marketing data to help SynchroLife partner restaurants to create loyal customers through CRM and helps restaurants attract and retain customers. By using SynchroPoints, partner restaurants can improve their marketing without any upfront investment.

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is a restaurant discovery social media platform where food lovers around the world can uncover the best restaurants normally hidden by web search results and advertising. SynchroLife solves the problems of untrustworthy reviews and nontransparent search results by using AI to analyze each user’s likes and dislikes to give personalized recommendations. SynchroLife currently has over 350,000 restaurant reviews for over 120,000 restaurants, and is available in over 155 countries and four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean).

SynchroLife aims to democratize restaurant reviews and includes the world’s first system for earning cryptocurrency point rewards for posting restaurant reviews. SynchroLife users can also earn cashback points for dining at participating restaurants. SynchroLife is working to solve marketing problems for the restaurant industry by offering a risk-free and results-based compensation (5% fee) marketing platform for restaurants with zero upfront costs.

SynchroLife Restaurant Partner Program — Zero Risk Solution to Turn Customers into Regulars

SynchroLife’s partner program for restaurants offers all the tools needed to turn one time diners into loyal customers through digital marketing using SynchroPoints and an automated customer relationship management (CRM) system. The service is risk free and payment is based on results so there is no upfront investment needed and no monthly fees or starting fees. The fully automated CRM system solves the problem of limited tech literacy and staff resources for small restaurant business owners.

By using SynchroLife restaurants can create more loyal customers and increase local awareness of their restaurant through reviews in SynchroLife. The program is designed to help restaurants that have long struggled with marketing get the true value of their restaurant known to the world and help them attract new customers.

Partner Restaurant Site for SynchroLife (Japanese language only):


- Company Name: GINKAN, Inc.
- Address: Shin-Yurakucho Building 11F, 1–12–1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100–0006
- Representative: CEO Tomochika Kamiya
- Established: December 2015
- Website:

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards and a token economy! Join today!

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