Social Restaurant Review Platform SynchroLife Launches Campaign at 21 Tokyu Plaza Ginza Restaurants: Earn 3% of Your Bill Cashback in Cryptocurrency!

Campaign Starts Friday September 21, 2018 and Includes Photo Contest With Prizes Up To 50,000 yen!

GINKAN Inc. (, managing company of SynchroLife, the new social restaurant review service with AI and a token economy, announced their first ever restaurant campaign to be held at 21 restaurants in Tokyu Plaza Ginza ( in Tokyo, Japan will be starting September 21, 2018. The campaign will last one month until October 20, 2018. During this month anyone who registers for a free account with SynchroLife can earn 3% of their total bill cashback in SynchroCoin (cryptocurrency) by scanning a QR code when paying for their meal.

They will also be holding a Tokyu Plaza Ginza “Foodie Photo Contest” during this one month campaign. Diners can enter by posting photos with their reviews of any of the 21 participating restaurants they dine at. The best photos can win prizes up to 50,000 yen in value, such as a gift card to Tokyu Plaza Ginza or 50,000 yen worth of SynchroCoin.

Official Campaign Website:

Campaign Information


10th and 11th Floors of Tokyu Plaza Ginza (5–2–1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)


Campaign Period:

Friday September 21, 2018 to Saturday October 20, 2018

Requirements to Participate:

You must have a SynchroLife account and have an email address from which you can receive emails from


3% of your total bill spent at any of the participating 21 restaurants will be refunded to your SynchroLife account “cashback” in the form of SynchroCoin (a cryptocurrency)

Foodie Photo Contest

Contest Information

This contest will evaluate all the restaurant photos and reviews posted of the participating 21 restaurants during the cryptocurrency campaign and chose the “most delicious looking photos” to win prizes!

How to Participate

Post a photo and review (rating) of any of the 21 participating Tokyu Plaza Ginza restaurants in SynchroLife


・Tokyu Plaza Ginza Award (2 winners): Win a 50,000 yen gift certificate usable at Tokyu Plaza Ginza restaurants and shops

・Shibuya Radio Award (2 winners): Win a “Gurume Catalog” food gift card worth 50,000 yen

・SynchroLife Award (2 winners): Win 50,000 yen worth of SynchroCoin (cryptocurrency)(2名)

・Runners Up (20 winners): Win 10,000 yen worth of SynchroCoin (cryptocurrency)

Participating Restaurants

The following restaurants on Tokyu Plaza Ginza’s 10th and 11th floors are part of the 3% cryptocurrency cashback campaign and photo contest!

10th Floor — Casual Dining

Guy & Jo’s Hawaiian Style Café, Ginza Itadori, Sichuan Tantanmen 1841, Sen Rikyu, SENGDEE TERRACE, Tsurutontan UDON NOODLE Brasserie, Bareburger, MOTTA PORTENO, LA BODEGA, Kaitenzushi Nemuro Hanamaru

11th Floor — Upscale Dining

THE APOLLO, Jiromatsu, Unagi Toku, Ginza Tetsujuu, Ginza Himuka, A-GE-HA, Gozenbo Garden, Shimogamo Saryo Nomae, Shimogamo Saryo Higashi no Hanare, Ginza Hanatare, Tori Suki


  • You can only receive SynchroCoin cashback twice a day.
  • The Foodie Photo Contest will only count up to two posts per day. You can post on multiple days, but more than 2 posts a day will not be counted.
  • Diners will receive their SynchroCoin reward in the form of “Points” in their SynchroLife in-app wallet. The Points displayed in your wallet can be transferred 1-for-1 for SynchroCoin at any time.
  • The amount of SynchroCoin (SYC) tokens rewarded cashback will be calculated as 3% of your total bill based on the value of SynchroCoin at the time of the reward. The value of SynchroCoin can be seen on the LATOKEN ( cryptocurrency exchange, where SynchroCoin will be listed starting September 25, 2018.

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is a social restaurant review service designed around the concept of building a food guide with user reviews and artificial intelligence. The social media-style app interface encourages reviews of the best restaurants and experiences, creating a database of quality recommendations. SynchroLife then guides each individual user to the best restaurants as quickly as possible by learning their dining preferences and analyzing them with the preferences of other users.

Starting in August 2018, the SynchroCoin (SYC) cryptocurrency was added to SynchroLife as a reward for users who contribute quality restaurant reviews and dine at participating restaurants. SynchroLife is the first restaurant review service in the world to offer cryptocurrency rewards like this and hopes to build a blockchain based token economy in the platform connecting diners and restaurants. You can learn more about the SynchroLife mobile app and token rewards in our August press release here:

SynchroLife Mobile App:

iPhone (For iPhone 5 and up, iOS 9 and up):
Android (For Android 6.0 and up):

SynchroLife Mobile App Images

Proof-of-Concept Campaign for SynchroLife

SynchroLife is the world’s first social restaurant review platform that offers token (cryptocurrency) rewards for users who post quality restaurant reviews. This campaign between SynchroLife and Tokyu Plaza Ginza is a proof-of-concept test for a new kind of marketing for restaurants that utilizing social media and token (cryptocurrency) cashback rewards.

In the restaurant industry, results based compensation models for customer acquisition marketing have been rare. Most advertising and marketing platforms for restaurants require monthly fees or the purchase of a special payment system upfront. SynchroLife has designed a system for restaurants usable from any mobile phone, tablet, or PC and even allows for QR code based payments and diner approvals. This means there are 0 upfront costs to restaurants.

Other SynchroLife marketing features for restaurants are results based compensation, meaning restaurants only pay when they get paying customers. Users can earn SynchroCoin (cryptocurrency) as cashback when dining at restaurants, and SynchroLife has developed a system where both users and restaurants approve the bill total at checkout for users to earn the cashback rewards. Thanks to this system SynchroLife knows when users actually visited a restaurant an how much they spent, so calculates results based compensation from this information. This means restaurants can sign up to the platform with 0 costs and 0 risks! To make things even better for restaurants, SynchroLife’s social media aspect means that when diners have a good experience at the restaurant their review might just go viral and spread through influencer marketing.

The 3% of SynchroCoin users will be receiving cashback is taken from the restaurants as payment for SynchroLife’s advertising and marketing services. The amount of SynchroCoin tokens received will be calculated based on the rate of SynchroCoin on the cryptocurrency exchange “LATOKEN” ( at the time of reward. SynchroLife will purchase the SynchroCoin from the market to pay the users, which means the more users visit participating restaurants the higher the demand for SynchroCoin will become in the market, creating a token economy business model.

Sample Images of Bill Apprival System and the QR Code Reader in the SynchroLife Wallet

SynchroLife’s Membership Service for Restaurants

Following this one month proof-of-concept test and campaign with Tokyu Plaza Ginza, SynchroLife plans to continue the development of their membership service for restaurants. They plan to launch the participating restaurant service within 2018. By using blockchain based tokens (cryptocurrency), SynchroLife is building a platform capable of distributing rewards to users anywhere in the world — all they need is a mobile phone. SynchroLife aims to build an online-to-offline marketing platform that allows restaurants to register and use not only in Japan but freely across the globe.

SynchroLife Business Model Connecting Diners, Restaurants, and SynchroLife

Learn More About SynchroLife and SynchroCoin

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Press Interviews

We welcome press interviews regarding this event and will be having a special media and press day on September 21. Please contact us at if you would like to do a photo or video report on the campaign.