SynchroLife Japanese Beta App — Results, Progress, and Growth ↗️

Official Offline Meetup with the SynchroLife Team and users of the SynchroLife Japanese App

Hello, thank you for your continued interest in and support of SynchroLife!

As you may already know, SynchroLife currently has a beta version out avaliable for free for both iOS and Android smartphones. 📲

The SynchroLife app was updated in summer 2017 to begin coverage of over 155 countries worldwide in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean, however the original beta for SynchroLife was done in Japan and in Japanese only.

Today we’d like to introduce you to our current user base in Japan and the activity and results we’ve already seen in the land of the rising sun! 🇯🇵

日本語のブログはこちら (Click to read this article in Japanese)
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Mobile App 📱

Released for both iOS and Android

We started with an iOS app and followed with an Android app. Our current team has developers for both continuing to improve the app daily!


Over 100,000 downloads during the beta, primarily for iOS which holds a large market share in Japan (Still over 65% in 2017).

Registered Active Users

Over 32,000 registered active users, who made accounts and used the app during the beta. Thank you everyone!

Official Offline Meetup “Synchro Party” with users from Japan

Restaurant Ratings 🍴

Registered Restaurants

Over 750,000 restaurants registered in SynchroLife from all across Japan.

Restaurants with Ratings

Over 77,000 restaurants with ratings you can now search from in Japan.

Total Ratings

Over 150,000 ratings made in Japan during the beta.

Most Rated Restaurants

While many restaurants still only have a handful of ratings, some of the most rated restaurants in the platform so far are a popular cafe in Ebisu , Tokyo boasting over 425 ratings and a coffee shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo with over 200 ratings. Both shops have regular customers who have been posting their daily lunch and coffee in SynchroLife!

Total Photos

Over 375,000 photos of food and restaurants have been posted to the app as of August 2017. Hundreds of new photos are added by our users in Japan daily!

Official Offline Meetup “Synchro Party” with users from Japan

Working with users to build the platform 🏢

User Added Restaurants

Users in Japan have personally added over 35,000 new restaurants to the platform during the beta.

Average number of new restaurants added daily

There are an average of 25 new restaurant additions submitted daily in Japan!

Most common customer support message

By far the most common customer support message during the beta was users informing us of newly opened or permanently closed restaurants that needed to be updated in SynchroLife. Even without token rewards our community in Japan has been extremely proactive in helping us maintain our restaurant database 💪

Most Frequent Raters

The most frequent and top raters during our beta in Japan have each already posted over 2000 different restaurant ratings! That’s a lot of food!

Over 20,000 new food photos a month!

Since the release of the international beta of SynchroLife the number of users continues to grow and the number of food photos has been growing by over 20,000 photos a month! From April 2017 to August 2017, the number of total photos grew by over 75,000 photos and now there are almost 400,000 photos that have been uploaded to SynchroLife!

Offline Meetups

We’ve hosted five official offline meetups in order to meet directly with some of our most passionate users to discuss the service with them over good food! So far we have hosted four official events in the city of Tokyo and one in Osaka.

Many of our users have also begun connecting on their own and regularly host unofficial “シンクロ会” (Synchro Parties) at popular foodie spots throughout Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Osaka in Japan. SynchroLife Team members have also attended many of these unofficial meetups to enjoy the good food and talk directly with our users. 😊

Official Offline Meetup “Synchro Party” with users from Japan

Current Coverage 🌐

Ratings Across All of Japan

Users have posted ratings in all 47 prefectures of Japan, including several remote islands! Our Japanese foodies are sharing good food from everywhere! 😋

Global posts on the rise

Since opening the app up for use outside of Japan this past summer, restaurant ratings have been posted in over 25 new countries around the world from Europe, Asia, and both North and South America.

Countries where restaurants have been rated in SynchroLife

Coming Next

As can be seen in the road map in our white paper we plan to complete the core development for adding blockchain technology and the token rewards system into SynchroLife by June 2018, and then basic marketing tools for restaurants by summer-fall 2018.

Throughout this development period we plan to continue to improve the usability and overall experience in the app, continue to add more detailed areas and languages to make the app easier to use worldwide, and to grow our current userbase.

We plan to begin really marketing and growing the platform after the initial release of the blockchain & token rewards. Join now to be one of the first to build a following and start sharing restaurants in your country so you’re all ready to get the maximum amount of SynchroCoin token rewards when they start! 👍

We are determined to make SynchroLife a success worldwide and we hope you’ll join our international community! Please feel free to contact the SynchroLife Team at if you have any questions regarding SynchroLife. Thanks for reading!

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