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SynchroLife Nominated at “THE COIN” in Tokyo, CEO Tomochika Kamiya Presents

Hello everyone, this is Tomochika Kamiya, the found and CEO of SynchroLife.

Last weekend on January 20th, 2018, SynchroLife was nominated for the “COIN 30” and we pitched at THE COIN ( in Shibuya, Tokyo!

We had a great time at the event meeting with global startups, sponsor companies, investors, and the media, discussing our business model, potential partnerships, the state of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and more.

Left: SynchroLife CEO Tomochika Kamiya and Gamecredit’s Sergey Sholom, Right: SynchroLife Team’s Tomochika, Laura, and Eunjin

THE COIN is a new event bringing together a wide variety of companies, teams, and investors in the industry of the “new economy”, including players in the fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space.

We’d like to give special thanks to the tech media company THE BRIDGE ( who ran the event. It was a great concept and a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and network, and it was an honor to be there.

SynchroLife CEO Tomochika Kamiya Pitching SynchroLife

There were lots of amazing teams at the event from all around Asia and the world, including Gamecredits, MOIN, Coinboard, Spotsale, Quantstamp, Electrify.Asia, TokyoOtakuMode, SIGNAL, Coinjinja, Factbase and more 🚀✨

A few photos from the many great teams who presented at THE COIN!

SynchroLife was nominated for the “COIN30” award and we got the chance to pitch to the over 300 guests at the event about why we started SynchroLife, our business model, and the new token economy we plan to build with the SynchroCoin.

It was a great opportunity and we were approached by many companies after the pitch to discuss SynchroLife further. I was able to make new friends and allies we may be able to build mutually beneficial partnerships with in the future.

You can watch our pitch on Youtube below, the pitch is in Japanese but we have added English and Korean subtitles. Click the “CC” button and “Settings” button on the lower lefthand corner of the Youtube video to adjust your subtitles.

You can also review our slides here:


It was really great to see so many wonderful teams from around the world come together in Tokyo for this event. The cryptocurrency market is quite large in Japan and growing everyday. However there are still very few blockchain or token economy based companies and projects coming out of Japan.

The cryptocurrency market is an interesting one, bringing investers interested in new opportunities, entrpeneours interested in bringing innovation to various industries, skilled engineers and marketers, and all kinds of people together.

We at SynchroLife hope that we can contribute even a little to bringing innovation to the lifestyle services used by everyday people and to the mid-to-long term growth of the cryptocurrency space.

Of course I expect the value of the SynchroCoin token to increase in the future, but what I am really looking forward to is giving people who are not interested in investing or cryptocurrency a chance to experience and use cryptocurrency for themselves through SynchroLife’s restaurant recommendation service. I believe it is chances for people to experience innovation like this that will lead to true growth in the market.

I also hope that through other events like THE COIN in the future, we can continue to discuss how to solve problems and challenges that exist in society today, and hopefully we’ll see more teams coming out of Japan in the future too.

We have put over 2 years of investment into SynchroLife, and we have been through many ups and downs along the way. Now we’re putting everything into the challenge of building our new business model with token rewards.

I believe that innovation and success come from companies and services that are passionate and truly believe in their mission. Not giving up and determination are keys to success.

I hope that we can continue to work with all of our investors and supporters to take on new challenges and contribute even just a little to the big innovations coming to society.

Thank you for all of your continued support, best regards,
Tomochika Kamiya
CEO & Founder

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