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SynchroLife’s Managing Company GINKAN Forms Capital and Business Alliance with Saibu Gas Co., Ltd., Working Together to Digitally Transform Restaurant Marketing in the Kyushu Area

PRESS RELEASE — March 7, 2022

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of the restaurant discovery social media platform SynchroLife, has announced they have formed a capital and business alliance with Saibu Gas Co., Ltd. Saibu Gas Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s four major city gas companies and is a prominent player in the northern Kyushu area of Japan.

GINKAN has also announced they have received funding in the form of a third-party allotment of shares from SG INCUBATE, a subsidiary of Saibu Gas Co., Ltd. Saibu Gas Group restaurant “Hassenkaku” will be joining SynchroLife as a partner restaurant to kick off this business partnership.

Moving forward, Saibu Gas and SynchroLife plan to offer SynchroLife’s CRM digital marketing restaurant platform to Saibu Gas’ clients in Fukuoka City to help them attract more customers.

Background & Purpose of Business Alliance

SynchroLife’s service for restaurants offers free marketing tools that help restaurants nurture regular customers, and the service has reached 1,500 partner restaurants (as of December 2021). SynchroLife’s restaurant service grew 400% in 2020 despite the COVID-19 global pandemic. SynchroLife believes the Kyushu area of Japan to be an important target area and SynchroLife is currently used by over 150 restaurants in the region since launching there in May 2020.

Saibu Gas, headquartered in Fukuoka City, supports many restaurants with their gas energy business and also entered the restaurant franchise business in 2020. Saibu Gas provides a wide range of restaurant support programs, including crowdfunding for restaurants and more. The Kyushu area of Japan is known for its amazing food culture, and Saibu Gas and SynchroLife agreed to form a capital and business alliance to help support the restaurant industry in the region.

SynchroLife plans to work with Saibu Gas to offer SynchroLife’s risk free commission based digital marketing platform to Saibu Gas’ restaurant clients in the Kyushu area. Saibu Group’s franchise restaurant “Hassenkaku” will be the first to join, with more restaurants expected in the future.

Features of SynchroLife’s Restaurant Marketing Platform

Restaurant owners gather data from all kinds of services to run their restaurant — they use restaurant review sites, social media, reservation tools, email newsletters, loyalty point systems, payment systems and more. But this data is managed separately across different services and restaurants cannot track customers across services. As a result, the restaurant industry has relied on mass marketing methods such as issuing advertisements and coupons with limited to no targeting.

Restaurants that join SynchroLife’s restaurant service can optimize their marketing towards customers based on user attributes and area, as well as each user’s frequency of visits to a restaurant, total spending at a restaurant, and more. SynchroLife’s restaurant service is free to join, with no upfront fees or monthly fees, and only results based compensation from actual sales from SynchroLife. Restaurants can be confident they will not waste spending with SynchroLife, even during tumultuous times like the current COVID-19 pandemic. SynchroLife is easy to use and causes no extra work for restaurant owners, as SynchroLife’s CRM tools issuing digital discounts and analyzing data are fully automated. SynchroLife also works as a PR platform for restaurants, as user reviews are shown to similar consumers and regular customers become promoters of the restaurant on SynchroLife’s social media app. These unique features have led to SynchroLife growing 400% in the past year despite the COVID-19 global pandemic.

SynchroLife will continue to collaborate with businesses connected to the restaurant industry to digitally transform restaurant marketing and create a new marketing model for the restaurant industry in a post-COVID-19 world.

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is a restaurant discovery social media platform where food lovers around the world can uncover the best restaurants normally hidden by web search results and advertising. SynchroLife solves the problems of untrustworthy reviews and nontransparent search results by using AI to analyze each user’s likes and dislikes to give personalized recommendations. SynchroLife currently has over 320,000 restaurant reviews for over 120,000 restaurants.

SynchroLife aims to democratize restaurant reviews and includes the world’s first system for earning cryptocurrency rewards for posting restaurant reviews and supporting restaurants. Users can also earn cryptocurrency rewards as cashback for dining at participating restaurants. SynchroLife is working to solve marketing problems for the restaurant industry by offering a risk-free and zero upfront cost marketing platform for restaurants.


- Company Name: GINKAN, Inc.
- Address: Shin-Yurakucho Building 11F, 1–12–1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100–0006
- Representative: CEO Tomochika Kamiya
- Established: December 2015
- Website:

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards and a token economy! Join today!

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