SynchroLife’s Managing Company GINKAN Selected For Batch 2 of DENTSU INC. Run Accelerator Program “GRASSHOPPER”

Building a new business model utilizing big data

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 — Tokyo, Japan

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of SynchroLife, the token economy based social restaurant review service in which users earn cryptocurrency for dining out, announced they were chosen as one of 9 finalist companies for batch 2 of the DENTSU INC. run accelerator program “GRASSHOPPER”. DENTSU INC. is one of the world’s leading international advertising and public relations agencies and launched the GRASSHOPPER accelerator program in Japan in 2018.


Accelerator program GRASSHOPPER strives to connect DENTSU and mentors with startups to support them from the creative side as they grow their businesses. Nine companies were selected for GRASSHOPPER Batch 2 and the program is scheduled for three months from September 2019 to November 2019.

During the program, DENTSU employees are assigned to work with startups as producers. They support startups by helping them explore the possibilities of new business development through collaboration with major corporations and connect them with DENTSU’s investment department as well.

GRASSHOPPER Official Website (Japanese):

GRASSHOPPER Batch 2 News Release (Japanese):

Why SynchroLife Chose GRASSHOPPER

SynchroLife chose to join the GRASSHOPPER accelerator program because marketing to both diners and restaurants is one of SynchroLife’s major challenges moving forward. By participating in GRASSHOPPER, SynchroLife hopes to receive creative support and strengthen marketing efforts as it moves into its growth stage.

Additionally, as a social media service, SynchroLife has an impressive amount of “big data” in the form of over 500,000 restaurant photos and extensive user preference data. SynchroLife hopes to work with DENTSU’s extensive experience and marketing know-how to build a new business model that utilizes this data.

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is the world’s first social restaurant discovery service that utilizes blockchain technology to reward quality reviewers with cryptocurrency rewards. SynchroLife also includes artificial intelligence features that help guide users to the best restaurants quickly, solving the problem of time-consuming restaurant search.

The SynchroLife mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices in four languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese) and over 155 countries. SynchroLife has over 190,000 reviews at 100,000 different restaurants. SynchroLife began as a social media service for restaurant reviews and added “SynchroCoin” cryptocurrency rewards for trustworthy user reviews in August 2018.

Starting July 1, 2019, SynchroLife users can now also earn on average 1%~5% (set individually by restaurants, with the maximum campaign rewards being 20%) of their dining bill cashback in SynchroCoin cryptocurrency just by dining at participating restaurants. By reading a QR code at the restaurant during payment, users will receive an amount of SynchroCoin directly in their SynchroLife in-app wallet based on the current rate of SynchroCoin. SynchroLife is designed to benefit both diners and restaurants while helping to solve restaurant marketing problems. SynchroLife is also expanding its business into the fintech space by aiming to build a global token economy connected to the average consumer’s daily life — through food and dining out.

Recent SynchroLife Achievements

SynchroLife won the first prize Grand Prix at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group’s MUFG Digital Accelerator’s Batch 4 demo day on July 26, 2019. SynchroLife also won the Fintech Category at the Plug and Play Japan Batch 1 EXPO in September 2018.

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- Company Name: GINKAN, Inc.
- Address: LIFORK MINAMI AOYAMA N213, 1–12–3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107–0062 Japan
- Representative: CEO Tomochika Kamiya
- Established: December 2015
- Capital: 112,810,000 yen
- Website:

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!


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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards and a token economy! Join today!


SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!