Tech Crunch Japan: SynchroLife Disposes of Restaurant Search with AI Picks Feature

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Tech Crunch Japan, April 4th 2019:

SynchroLife released a major update to both the SynchroLife iOS and Android apps at the beginning of April 2019 — getting rid of our search feature and replacing it with AI recommendations! You can read more about SynchroLife’s latest update and new features here:

With the release of our new AI Picks feature, Tech Crunch Japan interviewed our founder and CEO Tomochika Kamiya and discussed the new feature and SynchroLife’s vision and future plans!

Thank you again Tech Crunch Japan for covering us in this detailed article!

You can read the original article in Japanese here:

Tech Crunch Japan — April 4, 2019

The social restaurant review service SynchroLife helps diners find restaurants with an easy to use social media interface in artificial intelligence based recommendations. SynchroLife is also unique for including a token economy, rewarding high quality restaurant reviews with tokens (cryptocurrency). Users of the app can also earn cashback token rewards in-app when they dine at participating restaurants.

GINKAN Inc (managing company of SynchroLife) released a new “AI Picks” feature for the service at the beginning of April. They deleted the traditional search feature and replaced it with a new “AI Picks” photo-centric interface which allows diners to get artificial intelligence based recommendations based on their current location or other specified locations.

SynchroLife also updated its social media timelines, adding a new “For You” timeline filled with personalized content and recommended reviews.

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SynchroLife released a new beta version in August 2018, as previously covered in Tech Crunch Japan here. With the latest update they have further strengthened the recommendation aspect of SynchroLife and say they hope to create a user experience that allows diners to “find good restaurants quickly in a natural and intuitive way.”

It’s true that with traditional restaurant review services it can take quite a bit of time to decide on a restaurant after searching. You have to chose an area and category, then read through reviews and check scores manually to find the perfect place.

SynchroLife’s AI Picks feature analyzes which restaurants are attracting the most positive attention on the SynchroLife social media service as well as which restaurants have the most diners that want to go back to the restaurant after visiting once. With this users can quickly find high quality recommendations based on their current location or specified areas and cuisines.

The display of users who want to “go back” and repeat their dining experience at a restaurant is new. In the search results you can easily see notes on how many diners want to go back to a restaurant, like “8 out of 10 diners want to visit again!” so it’s easy to tell which restaurants are really worth visiting.

SynchroLife is avaliable for both iOS and Android smartphones in over 155 countries and four languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese). SynchroLife already has over 190,000 user posted restaurant reviews.

GINKAN’s founder and CEO Tomochika Kamiya says “My goal is to create a system that allows diners to find restaurant recommendations quickly, a system where diners don’t even have to search. With this in mind, we adjusted our recommendation engine and logic with our latest update. With the AI Picks feature I’ve finally gotten close to making our goals a reality.”

But I’m sure some diners would prefer to set detailed and specific search terms when looking for restaurants. In response to this, Mr. Kamiya says “There are already multiple services that allow diners to search for restaurants based on very specific terms, and I use those services too. But as soon as you include detailed search terms like budget and scene, the interface becomes complex. I wanted to build a service that helps people who have a general idea of what they want to eat and where, that was simple and fast. Surprisingly, no other services exist like that so we really focused in on solving that problem of general search.”

Mr. Kamiya continued, “SynchroLife has two sides to it. With the social media interface and timelines, SynchroLife acts almost as a restaurant magazine or TV show. Users can browse through general recommendations in the timelines and see what’s new and popular. On the other hand, for users who have a general idea of what they want to eat and where, they can use SynchroLife’s AI Picks to get fast, simple, and personalized recommendations. It’s a new kind of search experience, where you just pick a restaurant from the recommendations instead of filtering through them.”

GINKAN plans to continue analyzing user actions and view data, and to further improve the quality of restaurant reviews and recommendations in the platform.

In addition to the user side of SynchroLife discussed above, SynchroLife is also a unique product that has implemented a token economy to help solve marketing problems for restaurants. This business model has been well received and GINKAN was chosen to join the competitive MUFG Digital Accelerator’s Batch 4 for spring-summer 2019.

Mr. Kamiya states, “With the latest update, SynchroLife allows users to enjoy a food-centric social media service and get fast and reliable restaurant recommendations based on artificial intelligence. So we’ve solved many problems for diners. As far as solving problems for restaurants, we’re still developing the platform but have already done some proof-of-concept tests with Tokyu Land corporation where users could earn tokens cashback for dining at participating restaurants.

Mr. Kamiya continues, “By solving restaurant marketing problems with a blockchain based cryptocurrency, we are going to be changing the style of dining out. Instead of just spending money at restaurants, diners can earn digital assets when dining out. SynchroLife isn’t just a review and search service, it allows uses to earn assets so we are preparing to enter the fintech industry.”

Mr. Kamiya says he plans to connect SynchroLife to a variety of financial institutions and payment services in the future, as well as allow for the SynchroCoin to be exchanged to other cryptocurrency, to allow for asset management, to expand to allow payments both domestic and internationally, and more. “The first step is to get restaurants to participate in the platform and build the solid base of an Online-to-Offline marketing business,” says Mr. Kamiya, “From there we plan to expand to allow for users to pay at participating restaurants through SynchroLife and hope we can solve even more problems for both diners and restaurants.”

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!


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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards and a token economy! Join today!


SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!