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Token Economy Based Social Restaurant Review Service SynchroLife Receives Investment from coconala Skill Partners

April 14, 2022 — PRESS RELEASE

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of the token economy based social restaurant review service SynchroLife, has received funding in the form of a CSP №1 investment limited partnership third-party allotment of shares from coconala Skill Partners. coconala Skill Partners is a subsidiary of coconala Inc. and is Japan’s first platform style venture capital.

coconala Skill Partners is a venture capital company that expands on coconala Inc.’s skill matching between “people with skills” and “people or companies who need help” and applies it to “people with highly specialized skills” and “startups lacking employees with specialized skills”. With this investment through a third-party allotment of shares, GINKAN plans to use Skill Partners’ knowledge to strengthen their business.

Comment from coconala Skill Partners CEO Mr. Akiyuki Minami

“After getting to know CEO Mr. Kamiya’s deep knowledge and passion for the restaurant industry, I am very excited to see the future of this business. I look forward to supporting them as they undertake this big challenge of connecting their restaurant CRM service business foundation and their token economy social media service with token rewards for reviews.”

Akiyuki Minami

Comment from GINKAN CEO Mr. Tomochika Kamiya

“I have been highly interested in Coconala’s business model for years and when I saw a recent press release from coconala Skill Partners I immediately wanted to speak with Mr. Minami, so I asked a mutual acquaintance to introduce us. Mr. Minami has many years of experience running a platform business and there is a lot I can learn from him, and I was struck by his thinking and personality. The first time we met I immediately knew I wanted his investment. I am very excited for this opportunity to work with Mr. Minami and his many other partners with specialized skills and knowledge.”

Tomochika Kamiya

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is a global restaurant discovery social media service (Web2) and the world’s first Eat to Earn (Web3) token economy based restaurant social review platform. Users earn score-based token rewards while dining out and posting restaurant reviews.

SynchroLife started in 2018 as the world’s first “Eat to Earn’’ service and currently has over 350,000 restaurant reviews. SynchroLife uses AI to analyze reviews to give personalized recommendations based on each user’s likes and dislikes and quickly guide users to great restaurants. Within the SynchroWallet users can manage the points they earn cashback from dining at partner restaurants, along with digital offers and membership cards. SynchroLife makes it fun to be a regular customer.

SynchroLife is currently available in over 155 countries and four languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean). As SynchroLife grows it shares its value with users who have contributed through restaurant reviews and other actions, and it aims to be Asia’s top autonomous growing social restaurant review platform.

Merits of the SynchroLife Restaurant Partner Program — Zero Risk Customer Acquisition Support

SynchroLife’s partner program for restaurants allows restaurants to use SynchroLife for loyalty marketing. SynchroLife is a one stop solution that allows restaurants to give SynchroPoint rewards usable at over 570,000 businesses in Japan, distribute digital membership cards and special offers, and run fully automated and personalized CRM to turn customers into loyal regulars. SynchroLife is risk-free for restaurants to start. Payment is based on sales from customers so there is no upfront investment needed, no monthly fees, and no starting fees. The fully automated CRM system solves the problem of limited tech literacy and staff resources for small restaurant business owners.

By using SynchroLife restaurants can create more loyal customers and increase local awareness of their restaurant through reviews in SynchroLife. The program is designed to help restaurants that have long struggled with marketing get the true value of their restaurant known to the world and help them attract new customers.

Partner Restaurant Site for SynchroLife (Japanese language only):


- Company Name: GINKAN, Inc.
- Address: Shin-Yurakucho Building 11F, 1–12–1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100–0006
- Representative: CEO Tomochika Kamiya
- Established: December 2015
- Website:

SynchroLife Mobile App

iPhone (For iPhone 5s and up, iOS 11.2 and up)
Android (For Android 6.0 and up)

Learn More

・Official Website:
・SynchroCoin Project Website:
・SynchroCoin Project Blog:
・Partner Restaurant Website:

Read the original press release in Japanese below:




SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards, connecting users and restaurants to build a new token economy. Join us!

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SynchroLife is the app loved by eaters — the world's first social restaurant review platform with crypto rewards and a token economy! Join today!

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