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Brief Macro

In September 2022, consumer price inflation in the US decreased for the third consecutive month to 8.2 percent YoY, the lowest level since February but higher than the 8.1% market forecast. Additionally, the annual rate continued to be far higher than the US Federal Reserve’s target of 2%, indicating that policymakers will maintain their conservative attitude and continue swiftly hiking interest rates. Food and energy prices rose at slower rates overall (11.2% vs. 11.4% in August) and (19.8% vs. 23.8%), respectively, but the inflation rate for housing accelerated (6.6% vs 6.2%). In September, the US CPI registered 296.808 points, down from 296.171 points in August and below market expectations of 296.43 points.

The CPI report sponsored the price decline 2 days ago in the already bearish market.

Dark side CPI Meme

Crypto News

Polygon powers India police complaint portal, battling corruption.

Ethereum Merge ‘Sets Precedent for Further Change’: StarkWare President Ben-Sasson

Samsung uses blockchain-based security for devices in its network

J.P. Morgan And Visa Bridge Their Private Blockchain Networks To Streamline Global Payments

Web3 companies launch privacy-focused alliance at Devcon.

The Court partially denies Aptos Labs’ motion to dismiss Glazer’s $1 billion lawsuit.

In an announcement made by thirdweb, Solana is live on their platform.

FalconX 360 seeks to make risk management and liquidity visibility more accessible for institutional crypto investors.

Uptober becomes the worst month in DeFi history as hackers steal $718M across 11 protocols.

Crypto custodial firm Copper raises $196 million in Series C round.

Google selects Coinbase to take cloud payments with cryptocurrencies and will use its custody tool.

Polygon and Matter Labs compete on zkEVM rollup.

DeFi News

Uniswap Labs valued at $1.66 billion in $165 million new funding

Binance exchange burns $547M worth of BNB tokens.

Bank of China: Digital yuan transactions volume crossed the $14B mark

US Judge Allows Crypto Advocates to Join Ooki Defense Against CFTC

NFT News

STEPN Denies Reports Claiming the NFT Game Has Tanked

French authorities charge 5 over theft of bored ape NFTs.

Konami plots NFT, web3, and metaverse hiring spree

Metaverse platform Mona rolls out new AI tools to help build online worlds.

British artist Damien Hirst torches NFT-linked artworks with plans to burn thousands more.

Ukrainian Art Museum to Launch Exclusive NFT Collection on Binance NFT in Support of Ukraine Cultural Heritage.



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