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Will A.I. improve Decentralized finance?

Analytics has changed the business landscape, providing organizations with actionable insights that yield positive results. For this reason, more companies have adopted data analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

Most businesses now rely on artificial intelligence for uncovering data, boosting productivity, maximizing finances, and improving project management. It complements robust business intelligence tools by turning information into insightful reports.

Moreover, these insights could result in the accidental discovery of ideas that prove significant in the long run.

During the pandemic in 2020, we’ve seen how A.I. assisted in realizing better solutions for humanity.

A few benefits generated by A.I. are listed below.

It is predicted that an increasing number of industries will converge under newer, broader, and more dynamic “digital ecosystems” alignments.

These ecosystems will be highly customer-centric. Users will enjoy an end-to-end experience with a wide range of products and services through a single access gateway.

The growing importance of customer-focused products and services allows for a seamless user experience that is starting to be reflected in recent strategic implementations of leading global companies.

Apple Pay, Tencent’s, and Alibaba’s service expansions are all examples of this trend. Amazon’s decisions to launch Amazon Go, acquire Whole Foods, and provide online vehicle searches in Europe and the wave of announcements from other digital leaders heralding service expansion across emerging markets.

Innovative financial players such as CBA (housing and B2B services), mBank (B2C marketplace), and Ping An (for health, housing, and autos) are mobilizing. So are telcos, including Telstra and Telus (each playing in the health ecosystem), and retailers such as Starbucks (with digital content, seamless mobile payments, and preordering). General Electric is seeking to make analytics the new “core of the company,” while Ford has started to redefine itself as “a mobility company and not just as a car and truck manufacturer."

We’ve also seen ecosystem-minded combinations such as Google’s acquisition of Waze and Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn. Many of these initiatives will seem like baby steps when we look back a decade from now, but they reveal the significance placed by corporate strategists on the emergence of a new A.I.-driven outlook.

While it might be tempting to conclude that aggressively buying your way into new sectors is the secret spice for ecosystem success, massive combinations can also be recipes for massive value destruction.

To keep our bearings in this new paradigm, we must focus on what matters most—our core value propositions, distinct competitive advantages, fundamental organizational needs, and the data and technologies available to tie them all together. This calls for thinking strategically about what we can provide our customers within a logically connected network of products. A.I. and analytics are critical building blocks of an ecosystem in any industry.

Does A.I. have similar applications in finance?

Absolutely. No modern financial organization can afford to ignore the value-add of A.I. and analytics.

With A.I. and analytics, a company can masterfully forecast cash flow and execute its strategic financial vision. They are tools that help optimize decision-making while reducing human-introduced errors.

These facts extend well into decentralized finance, with A.I. and analytics already being utilized with tremendous impact on the industry.

How can DeFi and A.I. solve the issues of finance?

Introduction to TokenStream.

TokenStream aggregates ecosystem, project, wallet, social, on-chain, and off-chain information into a centralized location. TokenStream leverages A.I. and machine learning to digest this information into actionable insights.

Users can access this data through the front end, while other projects or institutions can access the data through the API. Users can also act on these insights, leveraging DeFi tools like indices, copy trading, swapping, and more, saving time and effort.

TokenStream is an all-inclusive application allowing users to research, stay informed, get customized reports and notifications, and subsequently utilize the data to make decisions. This will be a free resource to start, with plans to add a subscription for advanced features and after a specific call amount in the future. The Synchrony token, $SCY, will also be utilized to power the platform, allowing for advanced features and discounts. TokenStream will also employ DeFi capabilities around some of its discovery tools, like indices and copy trading.

Our solutions (for ecosystem participants)

Browse: Users can browse ecosystems, projects and categories(e.g. infrastructure projects on Ethereum), get information on these items and purchase them in as close to a single click as possible.

Users can access project information, recent news, and sentiment analysis in a comprehensive overview without leaving the platform.

Track: Users can track everything about a project, category, ecosystem, or wallet, and tracking data extends far beyond price performance. On-chain data, news, and social data are valuable datasets that can help inform decisions. Users can also set notifications so they will be the first to know when conditions are met.

Users who use the SCY token can customize their experience entirely. Users can customize their feed through a dashboard, highlight their favorite projects, and focus on what matters to them.

Purchase: A critical component of the platform is the ability to act on the data provided. Users can purchase individual assets and indices or copy-trade profitable wallets. There are plans to extend some of these features into more complex financial tools.



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