Syncio 2.0 marks the dawn of collaborative commerce 2.0

Jimmy Zhong
Aug 30 · 3 min read

Syncio 2.0 — the next generation platform for collaboration across ecommerce stores and websites is coming.

We originally built Syncio as a way to sync inventory from our brands to our marketplace startup, which aimed to bring together the world’s best ethical lifestyle brands. Our belief was that we could create a network effect from all of the brands being in one place, creating a tantalizing diversity of products and stories for customers to experience and shop for. Each brand that joined would strengthen the network, and on and on.

Through this experience, we realised the power of Syncio to enable collaboration — collaboration between the marketplace and brands, and the brands themselves with each other. Collaboration would help grow all parties involved.

We learnt how powerful collaboration could be between brands; that if you can make the basic building blocks much easier to access between brands, such as inventory and product content, then collaboration can flourish, and magic can happen. We decided to unleash Syncio to the Shopify ecosystem to help others and it’s been a mind bending 3.5 years since.

Here are some numbers that exemplify this:

👯 5 thousand plus merchants on Syncio syncing across stores

📦 2.5 million orders per month synced (Average for 2021)

📈 100 million plus synced jobs

💰 9.5% additional revenue for merchants through synced products (Average for 2021)

⭐ 94% 5-star reviews

We never imagined that Syncio would grow to this scale when we first launched. And yet, at the same time, the more we learnt about the amazing brands that we worked with, the more we realised that we were only scratching the surface of collaboration. For example, we never thought that we would be working with iconic brands such as Volcom, Kookai, and Vogue, helping these brands enhance collaboration across its many expansion stores all over the world.

These learnings have meant that the original system that we built, would not be capable of enabling the immense opportunities that lay ahead for Syncio. So over the past 18 months, we’ve been building Syncio 2.0 — the next generation platform for collaboration across ecommerce stores.

Syncio 2.0 has been built to scale, with the flexibility to play nicely with any number of other systems and platforms. It will allow our engineers and product teams to deploy features and bug fixes much faster, integrate to the major ecommerce platforms outside of Shopify, and make it much easier to partner with technology and agency partners in the future.

When we finally switch off Syncio 1.0 in a few weeks time, it will be the end of an era. It was an extraordinary journey, and we’ll be sure to reflect and celebrate, as there have been far too many epic memories. We’ll also welcome a new dawn with Syncio 2.0, and we understand that our best work is yet to come.

There is a lot that we want to do, but the first feature upgrades we have planned are around the ability to map inventory locations between source and destination stores, forward orders with more shipping information, and to upgrade our overall architecture. This is just the tip of the iceberg. To get an idea of some of the things that may be coming in the future (and also to contribute to it!), please check out our public roadmap:

The early days of Syncio 2.0 may be a bit rough on the edges. But you’ll see it continually refined and improved in a way that Syncio 1.0 wasn’t capable of. We’re here to learn and provide as much value as possible to our customers — and the best way to do this is to listen to your feedback.

As well as upgrading our entire technology platform to meet the increasingly dynamic demands of retail and commerce, we are constantly growing our customer experience team, to help you with your needs. Our pillars have always been to deliver amazing products + amazing customer experience. Syncio 2.0 means we amp this up even further.

It’s been an awesome ride with Syncio 1.0, and it’s taken us this far. But we also feel like we’ve only just gotten started. Syncio 2.0 is about supercharging the inherent elements of collaboration; team work, creativity, and problem solving, so that the retailers, brands, and makers out there can seamlessly work together to build extraordinary experiences. And we can’t wait to usher in this new era of collaborative commerce.


Syncio is a Shopify app that allows multiple online stores…


Syncio is a Shopify app that allows multiple online stores to connect through real-time inventory sync.

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Syncio is a Shopify app that allows multiple online stores to connect through real-time inventory sync.