Syncnode PoS Validator introduction

George Bunea
May 22 · 2 min read

Hello everybody! As the number of the persons that entrusted parts of their assets in Cosmos, IRIS or Terra network increased we consider that the time has come to introduce syncnode validator, to present our services and to provide means of real time communication and connexion with the people that entrust their assets to us.

Who we are?

Syncnode is a software development company with global presence and headquarters in Switzerland and Romania. We have more than a decade of software development, IT and telecommunications infrastructure and cyber security background. We served clients like IBM, Alstom, Rexel all around the world. From 2017 we became fully dedicated to blockchain space where we are involved in building solutions and communities, we were even involved in a successful ICO ( at the beginning of 2018. Part of our strategy and vision includes raising the awareness of the communities about the importance of security and education and we offer support to projects and communities as a way of giving back.

Syncnode validator services are managed by George Bunea the CEO and Founder of the Syncnode company. His profile can be seen here:

Why stake with us?

We are currently running validators on Cosmos, IRISnet and Terra networks. We run on a worldwide distributed infrastructure that is both safe and can provide uptime for our running validators. We have multiple sentries world wide and our validators run only on bare metal servers and we are backed up by YubiHSM and KMS for increased protection.

We follow highest security standards (including and not limited to: single sign on and 2FA for all users, no shared passwords, local users for each team members, public key authentication, HSM and KMS, DDoS protection and many others that will be detailed in a dedicated article) and we have internal policies and corporate security guidelines developed for mitigating risks and attacks, disaster recovery and protecting data and assets. Beside our internal standards we run periodically external security audits to make sure that we are always up to date with best practices and standards.

Also we have a long time experience with validating services and setting up proper infrastructures by actively participating in various TestNets, including GoS where we were never jailed and we never experienced any long downtimes even tough it was an adversarial environment.

Bellow you can find the real time communication channels that allows our delegators to be permanently in contact with us, addressing questions and offering them support in case it’s required:




Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any additional information! Thank you for reading and for your support!

Syncnode Validator

Details and updates about syncnode validator services

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Syncnode Validator

Details and updates about syncnode validator services