[Passionate Synco] “SyncoChain” & Getting Ready for 11th Blockchain Symposium: Token Economy Part 3

“Synco to connect the world!”

Today’s post is the third part of the series introducing preparatory work of Team Synco for the Blockchain Symposium: Token Economy.

The topic today is quite important as it is about Synco’s very own project SyncoChain.

Synco is currently revising its social media channel strategy, so the post about SyncoChain has been delayed for a bit. I ask for your understanding. :-)

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Part 3. SyncoChain Booth

As I mentioned before, I was there at the booth to greet you as well! XD

In the photo, you can find English brochure about Synco, and one for SyncoChain. In the back, there is a diagram of SyncoChain to make it easier to understand.

A video clip about Synco was being played the whole time in the back. There were some people who just came and watched the video and left! Remember, you can always talk to our team for more information.

Let me now explain more about out project SyncoChain.

Here is the diagram.

I’ll be brief and finish it within 1 minute. So let’s go!

-SyncoNet: Integrated blockchain platform solution on which the Synco ecosystem will be built

-SyncoPool: Reserve for tokens, controlling the flow of tokens within the SyncoChain ecosystem

-SyncoHood: Incentive-based online membership community

-SyncoRamp: Accelerator supporting promising ICOs

-SyncoMedia: Media services including Blockchain News and ICO CROWD Asia

-SyncoAcademy: Education program providing various courses from B2C to B2B ranging from beginners’ course to expert course

-SyncoSpace: Sharing office supporting blockchain start-ups

-SyncoEvent: Offline events sharing useful information about ICO projects

-ICO Bay: Platform that allows collective participation in ICOs, allowing smart investment choices for individual investors

-CHAINB: *Soon to be opened* global exchange with benefits such as profit-sharing and referrals

-SyncoPay: Payment system with the partnership with FuzeX

New services will be added going forward keeping pace with the development of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

I have a great news to share about SyncoChain!

SyncoChain successfully ended its ICO 5 days earlier than the original plan and reached its hard cap of 30M USD.

It is all thanks to your support and participation.

Thank you all once again for your support!

Going forward, I’ll be posting useful information about Synco, SyncoChain and CHAINB.

See you soon! =^)

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