Content Marketing in the UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide

Image via Pexels

How UAE brands can truly engage with their target audience through compelling, informative, and entertaining content.

Content marketing has become a popular method of connecting and engaging with audiences in the UAE. Local brands realise that providing their customers with useful, informative, and engaging content can help them increase their trustworthiness, improve their visibility, and ultimately earn a higher ROI on their marketing efforts.

Preparation is key as a company prepares to embark on the content marketing journey, and enlisting the help of a UAE-based content agency such as SyndiGate will help see maximum return on investment.

So what exactly does a content marketing campaign entail? Here is a brief step-by-step guide for marketers in the UAE:

1. Identify your target audience

Properly understanding who your target audience is can be the difference between succeeding and failing in your content marketing efforts. There are many potential audiences a UAE-based brand might wish to target, depending on the product or service being provided. Consider the following points when identifying your audience:

  • Age / Gender
  • Nationality / language (UAE nationals? Expats?)
  • Place of residence (Dubai? Abu Dhabi? The wider GCC region?)
  • Income status / profession

2. Formulate and document a content strategy

Without a documented content strategy, your content marketing efforts will likely be stunted, if not fail altogether. Liaising with a professional content strategist at this point is highly recommended as they will ensure that your strategy aligns with your overall marketing goals. A content strategy often includes:

  • Defined content goals
  • KPIs
  • Audience personas
  • Editorial calendar
  • Distribution plan
  • Audit and analysis plan

3. Publish content

This might seem like the easy part, but there is in fact a lot to consider before you start producing and publishing content. With an audience defined and strategy in place, it is important to stick to your editorial calendar until a full content audit tells your otherwise.

Publishing content can be done through ay one of the following:

  • Original content written by in-house staff
  • Original content created by experts
  • Licensed content from reliable and reputable sources

SyndiGate licenses content from thousands of publishers in the MENA region and beyond, and works with hundreds of content creators in the UAE. Clients are expertly advised to ensure that the content they chose resonates with their audience and brings a a high return on investment.

4. Analyse and Optimise

Content marketing does not end with the publication of content. It is important to constantly analyse your content’s performance and make any necessary adjustments to your strategy to ensure it is consistently bringing in a return on investment. Content audits are key, and with regular and detailed insights from experienced content experts, your content is likely to perform at the best of its ability.

For more information on how SyndiGate can help you establish — or strengthen — your brand’s voice, why not get in touch?