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Recap: Community Call #2

February 14–February 21

This is a digest of discussion on Discord, Community Call #2 of Syndr Protocol.

What did we cover during the call?

  • Synthetic Assets and Introducing Syndr for the new members
  • DeFi’s Omnichain Future and Liquidity Problem and how Syndr is going to solve it with Sustainable Liquidity
  • Announcements and updates about Syndr

Winners of the Meme Competition were announced!

  • More than 200 memes have been submitted including lots of video memes and surprisingly some fan-art too
  • A live session of voting was streamed on Discord. The community voted on the 16 memes our Team pre-selected and over 100+ votes were received in total.
  • Alongside the prizes which are $150-$100-$50; We also decided to give something special for runner-ups too, POAPs! All prizes to 3 winners and also 20 POAPs are distributed.
  • Congratulations to Citra#9420, lahkapan#8505, and Delimecuk again!

We have a new competition: Syndr Mascot Design!

  • We are inviting our community members to enter a competition to design a mascot for Syndr.
  • This mascot will be used to complement our brand & customize the look and feel of our community.

Prizes: $1000 for 1st — $500 for 2nd — $300 for 3rd

Deadline: March 7, 2022


2 members of the community made such special contributions!

Thank you so much, Yu!

Thank you, Sasha, you’re amazing!

We’re working on a new structure for our Discord channel!

#🗳polls-for-you is where we share decisional polls about Syndr;

#➕invite-tracker #🎖rank-tracker #⛽gas-tracker are places where you can use bot commands to keep track of your invites, rank and gas fees of Ethereum,

#🔵poap to learn more about Syndr’s POAP system,

#🐋contribute-for-community-growth to learn about the ways you can contribute to community growth.

Day for the regular Community Calls is selected by the community.

  • More than 80+ members voted for which day is more suitable for them to attend Syndr Community Calls regularly each week.
  • According to the results, Monday is the official day for our regular Community Calls each week.

Let’s check out analytics of the community growth with numbers. We have reached:

  • 820+ members on Discord with the growth of over 90% in 2 weeks!
  • 2500+ followers on Twitter with a growth of over 20% in 2 weeks!
  • We’re going to focus on Telegram and also Reddit in the coming weeks, scheduling of AMAs both in English and local languages are being planned.

About Syndr Protocol

Syndr is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient & omnichain synthetic assets with sustainable liquidity.





Syndr protocol is a DeFi protocol for simple, capital-efficient & natively cross-chain synthetic assets

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