China Welcomes Synereo to Deliver Blockchain Tech to the Region

Narrow shopping alley — Shanghai, China

With the market for online content in China being one of the most thriving in the world, we aimed to bring our decentralized technologies to the region in order to enable content creators and curators to be compensated for their talent.

Our goal became a reality earlier this month when we announced our partnership with Qiyi Culture, one of China’s top online professionally generated content production companies. In the coming months, the Shanghai-based company will introduce WildSpark to give China’s online content creators new and innovative means to monetize their creations through our AMP token.

We are witnessing a shift in the tide, as the country moves to the forefront of online content consumption, coupled with the willingness to pay top RMB for it. This holds especially true for the younger generation in China, who choose to put up the cash in order to get quality, relevant content.

Founder and CEO of Qiyi Culture, Ting-Ting Yu, confirmed this market shift stating that “As the demand for valuable content grows, so does the need to reward users and partners who create and consume quality content.”

That’s why WildSpark is ideal for the Chinese market — not only does it allow creators to get paid for their contributions, but also the consumers are compensated for sharing that content with friends and appreciating audiences.

Stay tuned as Synereo forges more partnerships in China and other regions around the world, revolutionizing the Attention Economy for a better internet.


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