Congrats to the WildSpark World Cup Champions

WildSpark World Cup Champions

The French national football team are world champions. After a month of competitive spirit, drama, and terrific on-field action, the World Cup 2018 is now officially over.

Our #WildSparkWorldCup contest has drawn to a close as well — and like the World Cup for which it is named, it was a great success.

Over the course of the Russia 2018 tournament, we ran a campaign to shine a light on WildSpark’s capabilities, the Sports category, as well as our Imgur integration.

To recap, the contest worked like this: Users were asked to share a World Cup-related meme/picture/GIF from Imgur; Amplify it under the Sports category of WildSpark; and Tweet the WildSpark link on Twitter with the hashtag #WildSparkWorldCup and tag @Synereo.

Every week, Synereo CEO Dor Konforty, together with a panel of football-fan judges from our team, selected the favorite submissions and awarded two winners with 500 AMPs each. Throughout the tournament, ten lucky posts won a total of 5,000 AMPs.

Check out the winning posts below!


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